Thursday 28 September 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Throw the Matches Down Into the Glitter

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TV Series

Another Supergirl trailer!!!

OMG, sh**'s gonna go down this series! Lol.

(Warning: flashing images)

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And another trailer for Marvel's Inhumans! Woo! XD

(Warning: flashing images)

[Update - this trailer has been removed from YouTube]

I know the internet and crickets* have already sounded the death knells on this one - before it's even started - but, you know what? F**k the haters! I'm still super-psyched for this series! :)

*I mean critics, but crickets is more fun. Because I am clearly a toddler.

Other Stuff

Check out my lovely friend Neko Neha aka Biblio-Nyan and their awesome manga vids!

Seriously, if you like anime or manga, follow them. They rock.

(They do swear, so maybe don't play the vids in front of your grandparents or whatever...)

Here's their Summer Manga Wrap-Up:

(Run time 6.22)

[Update 7th May 2018: Neha's videos are no longer available]

And here's their Autumn Manga TBR:

(Run time: 6.09)

[Update 7th May 2018: Neha's videos are no longer available]

Check their YouTube channel and blog out because I think they're totally awesome - and it would make me super happy if you supported them! :)

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Russell Tovey is going to play gay DC hero The Ray in the Arrowverse!!!

I love Russell Tovey!

He'll appear in the CW DC TV shows (man, that was a lotta acronyms in a row,) when they have their 4-episode crossover event! :)

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Book Riot had a bunch of cool comics-related posts this week, most of which had an awesome feminist flavour:

So that's it for this week! Comics Wrap-Up is taking a break next week, and will be back on 12th October! :)

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  1. Supergirl looks like such a great show!! And I basically watch all the tv shows on the CW, so I should probably pick up on Supergirl haha!

  2. Bahahaha, omg I love "crickets" instead of "critics." I am going to start using that!


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