Friday 1 September 2017

Friday Fics Fix - You're Guaranteed To Run This Town

The Da Vinci Code controversy seems so long ago, doesn't it?

How quaint that the early-to-mid noughties were so full of debate over a mediocre thriller plot. Why did people care so much over whether Jesus ever had a wife and/or child?

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I'm not belittling those who felt offended by the book.

If it offends you, go ahead and feel offended honey, I don't mind. You have every right to feel how you feel.

It just seems so odd, sitting here in 2017, that this was such a big problem. You can either believe Jesus was married or not *shrugs.* You make up your own mind on that.

Does it make any difference to who he was as a person...?

Anyway, this post isn't so much about The Da Vinci Code itself as about it's 'hero' - Robert Langdon.

Why the quote marks around hero? Well, because my problem with Dan Brown isn't the religious stuff, it's Robert Langdon.

Why is this - fairly unlikeable, let's face it - greying middle-aged dude so popular with the rent-a-girls*? Could it have something to do with the opinions of the middle-aged dude author...? Hmmm.

*Well what else do you call interchangeable, underwritten, women with very little sense, who mysteriously disappear by the next book, and who Langdon never thinks about ever again?!

BUT my nerdlets, where there is a problem, there is a fanfic author with an internet connection! (*evil cackling*)

This week's fic gives us a character portrait of Professor Rebecca Langdon, and, while stylistically mirroring Brown, the writer here seems far more capable than that bestseller-flinger. #JustSaying.

And I much prefer Rebecca to Robert - she seems like my kind of chick; smart, capable, strong, caring.

In just under 650 words, this fic gives a glimpse of the character we could have had if Dan Brown wasn't so easily distracted by male fantasies and wads of cash.

(He can take my insults, he has the money. I admit to financial jealousy, lol!)

Maybe I'm over-egging this, maybe not - either way, read it for yourself and see. :)

This week's fic is:

Indiana jones has nothing on me by SearchingforSerendipity

And that's it for this week! Friday Fics Fix is on break next week, but will be back on 15th September.

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