Friday 1 December 2017

Friday Fix Fics - Hate To Twist Your Mind

Fanfiction is hyped up on emotion.

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No, really. I reckon that's why it's such good bibliotherapy - all the emotions are right there, on the ever-loving surface, just waiting to be processed.

We even invented 'all the feels!' as a catchphrase for pretty much all fandom, for God's sakes!

And so many fic writers explore those feelings in ways we just don't see in canon.

Is it because movies, books, TV shows, etc. are strapped on time? Or would they rather stick another explosion in than let their superheroes (or whatever) do some introspection every now and then?

(Fangirling notes: canon is all the 'official' stuff from a movie, book series, etc.)

Cos dude, while we do occasionally see some attempts to deal with trauma in superhero-land (looking at you Arrow - y'know I love ya!) there is a general hesitation to show more than a little of this kind of stuff.

And yeah, it is grim.

But after The Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, I thought we were all about the gritty realism?

Or is that only when it comes to gory affects?*

If you look at fanfiction (and trust me, I do, extensively,) alongside the Rule 34 stuff, there's always been a surprisingly large amount of fics of our fav. characters dealing with normal sh** - hell, there are accounts dedicated to coffee shop AUs.

*Is it affects or effects? Does anyone actually know????? (No, there was not even coffee.)

(Fangirling notes:

The Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises.

Rule 34 - if it exists, there's porn.

AU - Alternate Universe

Coffee Shop AU - an alternate universe where characters from a TV series, film, whatever, work at, or spend most of their time at, a coffee shop. Typically includes barista romance.)

So where does this leave us? This pairing of trauma and domesticity?

It leaves us with something pretty f**king awesome!!!

Cos guess what? We're giving each other the exploration of feelings, the struggle to cope in this random-a** world we live in, the ups and downs,  that canon often point blank refuses to give us.

Bucky bae gif

via Giphy

So, to this week's fic, where we have Bucky Barnes struggling with PTSD and nightmares, and Steve (aka Captain America) providing a literal shoulder to cry on.

I actually think this is v well written. And it's kind of Stucky (a relationship between Steve and Bucky) - and THEY WERE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER DAMMMITTT!!!!


So, this week's fic is:

Nightmares by hoseokdjh (orphan_account)

Enjoy! More fanfiction-y goodness next week! :)

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