Thursday 11 January 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - The Revolution Will Be Live

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Here it is, all bright and shiny and new - my first comics wrap-up of 2018! Enjoy! 😄

Film Trailers

Black Panther trailers!!!! XD I can't wait for this one guys - WATCH THE THING! (Lol.)

(Warning: flashing images in both.)

Graphic Novels

Over Christmas, I read BLACK, Volume 1 - a fantastic #ownvoices graphic novel.

This collects BLACK #1-6 and addresses the problems of racism and police brutality while also providing a new group of awesome-sauce heroes (who you're gonna love!)

Word of warning though: this graphic novel gets... well, graphic... in a SERIOUS way - I'm talking things like depictions of lynching of, and experimentation on, black people.

Those scenes are... well, they don't hold back. So be careful, dearest nerdlets, when reading.

My review of BLACK, Volume 1 will hopefully be along soon (so long as my review backlog doesn't take too long to clear!)

Other Stuff

Debbie Reese @ American Indians in Children's Literature recommended volume 2 of Moonshot - an anthology of indigenous comics

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And to finish things up with a geeky smile on our faces, here's a post from Comic Book Resources on Captain America and Winter Soldier memes (may contain spoilers.)

So that's it for this week my nerdlets! If you enjoyed this wrap-up, please comment and share! :)

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  1. Black panther looks SO GOOD! What a beautiful cast :D

    1. I know, right? XD So much talent and awesomeness going on there!

  2. oh man I need to get a life and be able to go to the movies like other humans! I want to see Black Panther so badly!

    1. you need a best friend who you only see for your weekly cinema-days! Lol. (I have a yearly cinema ticket, so it's less expensive than it sounds!)


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