Friday 12 January 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Combined Forces

Here we are then, in 2018! And it's time for the first Friday Fics Fix of the year!

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In case you don't know (because the internet has a short memory, and also you might be new to Dora Reads - in which case, welcome! Please stay! Lol,) Friday Fics Fix is a weekly post where I recommend (or 'rec') a piece of fanfiction.

Basically, I started this post series because fanfiction totally counts as reading! And it should be completely counted as such! #EffTheSnobs

So with that established, let's take a look at this week's rec!

OK, I have some Star Wars for you this week - which I haven't done before, because while I like Star Wars, it's not like my be-all-and-end-all. And I know people take Star Wars pretty seriously!

But I saw The Last Jedi recently and really enjoyed it!

(In a 'but dammit both you and Justice League need an editor - I'll do it for you if you toss me a fiver, I honestly know exactly how you can fix this, just cut the pointless stuff out for God's sake!' kind of way.)

And I now know who the f**k Kylo Ren is! (Because no, I still haven't seen The Force Awakens. Because I watch sh** out of order. #ShesARebel.)

Which reminds me: everything from here on out is SPOILER ZONE including the actual fic, ok? Ok.

So, this fic isn't all that long (but let's ease ourselves into this 2018 thing, yeah?) but does do what I love to see fanfiction do - it asks the questions that the source material skips.

How did Kylo Ren get to this point? Just some dude being like, 'you can be evil, you know that kid?'

But wouldn't most kids fall back on their support system - on their family?

But what if your family was the most isolating place you could be? Because of what they expect from you? Because of their own ideas of what the world should be?

And this fic asks some of those questions - shows the gradual decline in Kylo/Ben's faith in his family.

And that's what fanfiction is. It's the questions behind the simple narratives.

So check it out:

A Monster's Family by Trish47

I'll be back with more fanfiction next week - and may the force be with you!

(OK, I totally couldn't resist!)

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  1. I've never seen Star Wars, am I ridiculous?

    #RVHT thanks for linking up!


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