Friday 5 January 2018

Month in Review(s) - December 2017

Decemmmmberrrr!!!!!!!!! Wooo!!! XD (Yes, it's January - but let's face it, I never wrap-up on time.)

December 2017 calendar image

OK, so December for me was actually super-super-hectic, but it came with Christmas at the end, so I really can't be mad at it! Lol.

(I love Christmas. Sooooo much!!!! 😁 )

I managed to catch up on a little of my review back-log, but not all of it, so there's def. some reviews to come!

Btw, you might've noticed from last month that I'm including the snippet-reviews that I sometimes write on Amazon UK in my wrap-up posts - what do you think of me including them?

And somehow I managed to finish my Goodreads* challenge! Woo! XD

*My GR is private.

2017 Goodreads Challenge complete image

So, after all that, here's the posts and reviews I wrote in December:

Non-Review Posts

Comics Wrap-Up

Short 'n' Sweet - Queer comics and random YouTube-ing

Twas the Li'l Wrap-Up Before Christmas - A manga video from Neko Neha

Friday Fics Fix

Hate To Twist Your Mind - Bucky Barnes and PTSD

Sleepy Stucky - Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes in an insomniac support group

Festive F/F! - Some Arrowverse girl-love with a Christmas setting

Nerd Church

Break the Effing Cycle - a small rant about facilities moving from poor areas, and just making them poorer

The Gift of Christmas - everyone gets to be included

17 Becomes 18 - a changing of the year, and the importance of hope

Other Non-review Posts

Book Reviews
*Amazon links


New Adult

Young Adult

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  1. You accomplished so much in December, Cee! I’m sure you’ll have an amazing January too!

  2. Congrats on completing your GR challenge! I think Dec was hectic for a lot of people, the holidays seem to have that effect. I hope your January is more relaxed :-) And Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year! And thanks! :)

      So far my January also seems pretty hectic... I just have to prioritise looking after myself, and do as much of the other things as I can I guess! :)


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