Sunday 4 February 2018

Nerd Church - Hatred Has No Place Here

Darren Osborne - the man who drove a truck into a group of innocent Muslim mosque-goers last year - won't be coming out of jail any time soon. As it should be.

justice statue

This was a terrorist act. The sentencing took that into consideration. (Though the press could make this clearer, tbh.)

It was a vile, terrorist, murder. As a Welshwoman and a white British chick, I can only apologise again for this horrendous act.

As if the act itself was offensive enough (it definitely was,) Osborne chose to continue to act like a total a**hole - spinning tall tale after tall tale about what happened.

He blamed it on an unknown (and non-existent) person called 'Dave' who he was apparently trying to start a 'Taffia' with, and/or assassinate Jeremy Corbyn. Dave didn't appear on any CCTV, and wasn't present at the event because he's an illusionist *rolls eyes.*

The idea of Osborne forming a far-right group called the 'Taffia' is SO. WRONG. He has no f**king right to use the word Taffy. None at all. HE ISN'T EVEN WELSH.

He was born in Singapore, and raised in Weston-Super-Mare. He's f**king English!!!

Taffy is an insult that we re-claimed. It was used by the English to put us down and paint us as thieves and hooligans.

As a true Taffy - I was born in an area through which the River Taff actually flows - I deeply resent Osborne for using this. He has NO right. It is OUR word now.

That all said, I'm not naïve enough to think that some corners of The Land of My Fathers haven't been infested by right-wing cockroaches who dare to call themselves human beings.

Far-right extremism, Nazis, white supremacists - whatever you wanna call them (my personal vote is to call Nazis Nazis,) their foul siren-song seems to hold an allure to some of those who have lost all hope.

(With regards to Osborne's mental health, I can only say that he was deemed fit to stand trial, and to be responsible for his actions.

Any further placing of blame on his mental health just serves to stigmatise and demonise those of us with mental health problems.)

But Osborne's descent into extremism was so exceptionally rapid, that honestly, I have no idea how you counter it.

The only thing I can recommend is this: keep spreading love.

Turn away from ignorance and hate, and work towards making the world a better place.

I know I've said it time and time again my nerdlets, but it really is true: we can do this.

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  1. Well he seems like a right a*hole that deserves every bit of his sentence. It is even more horrible that he tried to find excuses for his actions as well.

    1. There are no words for how angry this man makes me. C*ch*n sbwriel sh**bag t**sp*t. (I can swear in several languages and dialects, lol!)

  2. I’m a little depressed today because a Holocaust denier and known white supremacist is running UNOPPOSED in Republican primary for Illinois Congressional seat
    I guess what I find more disheartening is that this kinda people are not alone They have followers. People are going to vote for this guy

    1. Argh!!!! This planet, man, this planet!

      I think that all Holocaust deniers need to work on the Holocaust Memorial Musuem projects - working on transcribing those documents will drive it home, believe me.


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