Friday 18 May 2018

Friday Fics Fix - An Unlikely Friendship

"Nah." Peter is holding Ned's ankles, and every time Coach Jones walks by Ned does a half hearted push-up. "He gave me peanuts and told me he wasn't dead? I think he's lonely."

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Every so often, a fic drops into your lap that you weren't expecting.

And I love that feeling. I love it. Not least because it becomes less common as you become more familiar with fanfiction.

I value that reminder that fanfiction can still surprise me! 😊

This is another fic from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - this time focussing on Spider-Man and his friendship with... Loki?!

Honestly, I thought this fic was gonna be so fake and forced, and I thought it'd go downhill REALLY quickly, but... it didn't.

More than that, it was REALLY good - and really mature in a way I wasn't expecting (NO - not like that! Minds in the gutter, the lot of you!)

The writing and the characterisation had a real emotional depth that I just... wasn't expecting.

But at the same time it was still really fun, and really sweet! 😁

"Kid," says Tony Stark wearily, "Please gimme a reason Loki's been spotted talking to Spiderman that isn't 'I wanted to be his friend'. Please. Tell me you can do that."

Peter hums. "I could?"

"And that reason would be the truth?"

It's also random in places in a way I totally approve of.

I love it when Spider-Man is goofy and random - not only is it totally in character, it's also kind of what it's like inside my head! 😅

So, this week's fic is:

and then redemption by softlyblue

Have you ever read a fic that surprised you (in a good way)? Could you see Peter Parker making friends with Loki?! Talk to me! 😍💬

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