Monday 14 May 2018

Micropoetry - April 2018

Yes, it's halfway through the month before I'm doing last month's Micropoetry round-up-type-thing, but I have an excuse this time!

Due to my laptop breaking on the last day of April, I got a bit behind on post-writing (and let's face it, I was hardly Ms Punctual to begin with!)

So here we are in the middle of May, looking at April's Micropoetry!

I've done something a little different this month - some of my Micro-poems are in a graphics-type format.

I'm not sure whether this is something I'm going to carry on with, or even if I'll have time to do it again for other months, but I thought I'd give it a shot!

The poems are in the alt-text of the images, with / symbols showing the line breaks, for anyone using a screen-reader. 😊

Here's the poetry!:

9th April /// Another boarded up window/ Wasn't there yesterday/ Don't ask why /'cos what's another boarded window/ in this town?/ Don't ask why, /it ain't your problem/ Don't ask why /'cos if you need to know, you'll soon hear it./ What's another open secret/ In this town that makes and keeps 'em?

dividing line

13th April

I'm Human
Did I ever claim
I'm Human
Did I ever vow
that I'm perfect?
I'm Human
Did I claim infinite wisdom?
I'm Human
Was I ever so Robotic?
I'm Human,
And I feel with my whole being.

dividing line

19th April /// You thought you knew her - / Surface-light on an average canvas./ You made assumptions,/ Underestimated, /She was never what you thought she was. /She was always so much more.

dividing line

24th April

He wanted to play Angels and Demons.
Chase each other.
- Shoulder. Tap.
Now you're an Angel.
Shoulder. Tap.
Now you're a Demon.
- But by the end,
No-one could remember
where they'd started.
Few knew
They'd ended up.

What d'ya think? Any good? What do you think of the images? Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I love the images format! It looks very professional, but of course, your poems are great no matter what format! I especially love the April 24th one.

    1. Thank you!!! XD I really don't have time to do *all* of them in that format, but I might do some more here and there. And thanks - I'm glad you liked it! XD <3

  2. I enjoyed your poetry and think using them in images definitely will draw more positive attention. Thanks for sharing

    Tori @ In Tori Lex

  3. Ooh I like the graphics! My fave poem is the angels and demons ones---it's so thought-provoking!

    1. Thank youuuuuu!!!!! <3 <3 <3

      I'm glad you like it! And I'm glad I was thought-provoking! That's always a plus! XD <3

  4. Oh I love these, Cee! You really have a talent. My favourite is the angels and demons one.

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! XD <3 *does mildly embarrassing flappy motion* XD


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