Thursday 7 June 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - Where Insects Hide

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Ooooo-kay! Let's take a look at the comics-y stuff I have for you this week! (Buckle up, my nerdlets!)

Film Trailers

Yet another really fun Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer my sweet nerdlets! XD

(Warning: flashing images)

Other Stuff

Sometimes, I'm glad I'm on the bookish arm of the comics community, because this Comicsgate thing is just ridiculous.

For those of you nerdlets who don't know:

Comicsgate is yet another Internet moment where people try to push their bigoted views into an industry/community/hobby.

And honestly, it's largely just a bunch of sad allocishet white boys throwing their toys out of the pram because other people exist.

Sure, there are people who fall into marginalised categories who also support it. But not many.

I hope they realise the error of their ways soon.

My YA/book blogging folks who were around circa 2016:

Remember when Bre Faucheux's sh** Nazi-a** video hit the fan?

It's pretty much that, but in a community that's more like the gaming community pre- and mid-Gamergate.

If you didn't understand a word of what I just said, then I envy you.

That said, I'm currently just... utterly bemused by these a**holes.

Like, go play quietly while the adults talk.

And Richard Meyer can simply stfu.

I'll be over here, promoting the sh** outta diverse comics, books, and creators, and giving you the Loki sass look.

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Via Giphy

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Tom Bondurant @ Comic Book Resources asks the questions we've all been thinking about why tf the Arrowverse superheroes don't call each other to deal with their problems.

SPOILERS AHOY IN THIS LINK! Plot-holes everywhere!

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And Adiba Jaigirdar over at Book Riot explains the best way to make a Ms Marvel movie! 😍

Are you a supporter of diverse comics and superheroes my nerdlets? (And if not, why tf not?!) Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. Haha of course I am a supporter of diverse comics and superheroes, what kind of a question is that?!?! (Then remembers that there are actual people out there who don’t and decide to make everyone else feel bad by vocalizing their distaste for diversity online.)

  2. I find it so weird that whether or not we support diverse comics and superheroes is even a question. I admit I hadn't heard about any of the current online tantrums until reading your post just now, but surely the whole point of superheroes is that anyone might just randomly develop an awe inspiring superpower?

    1. You'd think so. But comics is full of men with inferiority complexes who feel the need to make themselves feel better by acting like d*cks.


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