Friday 29 June 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Your Pal. Your Bucky.

'Bucky went town to town, dance hall to dance hall, picking up women despite his dull dancing shoes. His smile made up for it. He took Steve to the local ones, but he always danced away into the crowd. Bucky loved to dance.

Back then Bucky loved a lot of things.'

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What, did you really think that we'd reach the end of Pride Month (aka June,) without me rec'ing you some Stucky?! No way!

(Fangirling notes:

Rec'ing is recommending.

Stucky is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers (Captain America) - aka the relationship that Marvel needs to give us immediately.)

And boy oh boy do I have a fic for you!

My feels guys. They hurt. So bad.

(Fangirling notes: feels are indescribable and exceptionally powerful emotions experienced by fangirls and other fan-folks.)

'Bucky slams his metal arm down onto the ‘vintage’ coffee table. “If you were a [homophobic slur]* why didn't you want me?!” It wasn't a question, it was a broken sound [that] made Steve feel cornered.'

*The f slur is only ever going to appear in some sort of censored form on this blog.

(Unless it's referring to one of the many unrelated UK-English forms of the word, e.g. cigarettes, bundle of wood, meatball. I'm happy to quote those versions.)

As you might've guessed from that quote, this fic dives in hard and does not let up.

It explores the effect of internalised homophobia of the 1930s/40s on both Steve and Bucky, and combines it with their current fish-out-of-water status, and Bucky's post-Winter-Soldier problems.

Be aware, if you read this, that it uses homophobic slurs - including spoken by our heroes, and used as insults against each other - within context, as Steve and Bucky struggle to come to terms with the prejudice they were brought up with.

gif of Steve clapping Bucky on the shoulder from Civil War
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It also adds mental health problems for both - because, let's face it, superheroes are a prime candidate for mental health problems.

They have a lot of issues.

(...and I only just got that pun! Lol. I honestly didn't get that before I wrote it!)

Yes, this fic tackles heavy stuff, but it also... somehow manages to add enough light...

Like, yeah, it's gonna rip your heart out, but it'll also put it back in again and sew up the wound.

It'll still be tender for a while, but you'll be fine in the long-run.

I have no idea where that metaphor/analogy came from. Some weirdly dark corner of my fangirling brain, I guess! 😅

Winter Soldier 'Your Bucky' gif - Bucky holds his punch and doesn't hit Steve, a look of shock on his face
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So, this week's fic is:

Lindy's by Bottom_PeteParker

[Update 25th June 2020 - this fic is no longer available]

So, have you taken my advice and read this fic? What do you think? Do you think Stucky would be excellent in the films?! (Answer: yes, yes it would.) Talk to me! 😍💬

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