Wednesday 13 June 2018

Micropoetry - May 2018

It seems we still have some May stuff to finish off my darling nerdlets!

So, I have some more Micropoetry for you! Like last month, I've made up some graphic-y image-y things for two of them.

No promises for the future - this is totally a 'when I feel like it/when I have time' thing, but I hope you like the graphics anyway!

If you're using a screen reader, the poems with graphics have the poetry itself as the alt text, with / marks showing the line breaks.

9th May

The world is heavy sometimes
Like a dead dream that still plays on your mind.
The world is light sometimes,
It can even be kind.

dividing line

11th May/// I know that oak tree. / I've never touched the trunk - / But I know how the bark feels / I know the rough life of it beneath my finger tips / Every line and groove / I know the feel of the hidden wood beneath / Solid yet yielding / Alive as I am alive. / I know that tree through and through

dividing line

16th May

Even if you don't know
Whether you can get back up
This time
Cos of all the times you were knocked down
Where there's life
There's hope
Because you are a light in the darkness
And it may take you a little while
But you'll get back up
And shine

dividing line

24th May/// One day/  Maybe/  I'll realise / that the mirror / Is just glass / After all. / Just glass / Hanging /on / the / wall. / I can walk away / Whenever I want.

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  1. I love the 11th of May one! You used really vivid details that really caught my attention. I always think poetry is hard to write for me because I can’t seem to capture those details as easily as in prose, but you do it so effortlessly :)

    1. Thank you so much Em! XD <3 You're honestly too sweet. <3


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