Wednesday 18 July 2018

2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge Update #2

This is a challenge set by Caro @ Cat on the Bookshelf, and you can find out more about the rules etc. in my sign-up post.

Cat notepaper on desk reading '2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge Hosted by Cat on the Bookshelf'

This quarter I read 96 fic-chapters.

Combined with last quarter's 63, that's 159 fic-chapters. (I hope. That's what the calculator said anyway.)

My goal is 300-399 fic-chapters (the Tuxedo Cat level!) so if I keep to this rate for the 2nd half of the year, I should make it!


Caro's changed the link-ups a little, so after this update, there won't be another until the end of the year, when you can see whether I actually managed to do this or not! XD

The only fics I recommend are those that I've featured in Friday Fics Fix - the rest are read at your own risk, because I read some real trash.

I've marked 18+ for graphic sexy-times, and CONTENT WARNING for fics with particularly graphic scenes, e.g. related to suicide attempts, depression, rape etc.

(This time around there's a lot of these... I blamed myself briefly before I remembered that this is fanfiction and most of it is 18+ if we're being perfectly honest!)

I've only marked what I REMEMBER as being graphic/sexy-times.

And of course you may have different definitions as me - so PAY ATTENTION TO THE TAGS my dearest nerdlets! Take care of yourselves, k?

Friday Fics Fix from April to June:

fics fix title image with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

Greek Chorus - The Song of Achilles fanfiction imagining Patroclus and Achilles reincarnated

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far, Away - Star Wars fanfiction featuring the original trio

Show Your Scars - Dr Who - David Tennant version - dealing with self-harm and depression

Severely Severus - Severus Snape, and hard work

The Sense of Things - a Sherlock synaesthesia fic

Just Your Resident Mildly Evil Demigod... and His Lover - FrostIron fun with Loki and Tony Stark!

An Unlikely Friendship - Loki makes friends with... Peter Parker?!

Harry and Draco and a Fic I Love For Reasons Unknown

Johnlock Blogging - how the hell is John Watson getting that many blog comments?! Oh, and there's some John/Sherlock romance.

Lady Love - my major superhero crush, Sara Lance, with her on-screen girlfriend, Ava Sharpe

Coming Out Aro - BBC's Merlin is Aromantic. How will his friends react?

Wooing, Midgard-Style - Tony and Loki and things lost in communication

Your Pal. Your Bucky - A m/m Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes fic with enough feels to break your heart in two!

The Fics:

Sherlock (BBC)

Helping Sherlock Holmes - 18+ Only, 2/2 read

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel movies)

Controlled Release - 18+ Only, content warning
It's okay being broken like this - 18+ Only, MAJOR CONTENT WARNING, 4/4 read
Accommodations - 18+ Only, CONTENT WARNING
Paradigm Shift - 18+ Only, MAJOR CONTENT WARNING, 11/11 read
Self-Abuse - 18+ Only, Content Warning
Disconnect - 18+ Only, Content Warning
Heat Shock - 18+ Only, MAJOR CONTENT WARNING
Captive Audience - 18+ Only, CONTENT WARNING
Junk in the trunk - 18+ Only, content warning
Boundaries - 18+ Only, Content Warning
Untangle - 18+ Only, content warning
Give Me Your Hand - 18+ Only, CONTENT WARNING
Dominoes - 18+ Only, content warning
Suspension - 18+ Only, content warning
Taking Advantage - 18+ Only, Content Warning
Lindy's - Content Warning

Harry Potter (and extended universe)

Everybody's Lonely - 18+ Only
If I'd Saved You - Content Warning
Aftercare - 18+ Only
The Truth is a Beautiful and Terrible Thing - 18+ Only, CONTENT WARNING, 3/3 read

MacGyver (modern series)

The Stuff of Nightmares - content warning
Safe in Your Hands - 18+ Only, content warning
The Only One Who Mattered - content warning
I See You - 18+ Only, CONTENT WARNING
Now You Know - content warning
Whatever I Want (I Get) - 18+ Only, CONTENT WARNING
A Moment of Understanding - 18+ Only, CONTENT WARNING
Father Figure + Comfort - content warning
Chains + Daddy Issues - CONTENT WARNING

The Song of Achilles

Star Wars

Moment of Weakness - 18+ Only, 3/28 read

Merlin (BBC)

Game of Thrones

FRIENDS (TV series)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Doctor Who (modern run)


Who Cares for the Carer - Content Warning

Arrowverse (CW DC shows)

What she needed

Read any good fics lately? Talk to me! 😊💬

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