Wednesday 5 September 2018

Month in Review(s) - August 2018

August... August can shut the f**k up.

August hand-drawn calendar and sunglasses

Sorry if that was a little aggressive! But my Nanny is back in hospital again and... this time scares me even more than the last two times.

Which isn't August's fault, y'know, as a month.

But it isn't anyone else's fault either.

And sometimes it helps to have something to anthropomorphise your fear and anger at - y'know, aside from Parkinson's Disease itself.

I just want her to be ok. And... it's hard.

Add to that that my grandfather, her husband, has also been unwell, and you can understand if I'm even more up-in-the-air than usual for a bit.

I think the stress isn't helping my Grampa... they've been married 64 years, y'know? And I think he's as scared as all of us are. He's 89 in September.

I just... I know they won't be around forever. But I want them to be. And I want them to be happy and healthy while they are here, y'know?

Sorry guys, I didn't mean to bring you all down, but I always promised I'd be brutally honest on Dora Reads... and this is me being brutally honest.

I also wanted to explain to you why I didn't do as much here this month as I wanted to - I have some awesome reviews and other posts planned, honestly, but I just haven't had chance to write and/or finish them.

And that might continue into September...

So I'm sorry if things aren't as energetic or consistent on here for a while, but between the family stuff and being busy with work, I'm determined not to overdo things.

I'm intending to do all my regular series - Comics Wrap-Up, Friday Fics Fix, Nerd Church - but I know I can depend on you guys to understand if some of the posts are a little rushed, or even (and I'ma try not to do this but no promises,) missed for a week or two.

I have to make sure my mental health is OK through all this.

I'll keep you all updated on Twitter if there are any posts that are gonna be delayed or skipped.

Of course, blogging is also important for my whole mental health stability thing, so don't expect me to disappear entirely! 😊

Speaking of blogging, thank you all for your awesome-sauce support in all the RTs, likes, comments, shares, and follows - as well as anything else I've forgotten that you do for me!

I appreciate it dearest nerdlets, honestly. 😊

Elsewhere, you can check out my Buzzfeed Community post on Panic! At the Disco songs for your creative playlist!

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Most Popular Posts for August

...I think you lot are becoming as random as I am!

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Mildly Amusing Searches

(A feature inspired by Cait @ Paper Fury, amongst other people)

....None this month! You've all been sensible for once!

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Non-Review Posts

Comics Wrap-Up

Comics Wrap-Up title image with lady handing her shadow a flower

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Other Non-Review Posts


New Adult

So that was my August! Tell me one good thing about your August - I need the positivity! Talk to me! 😃💬

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Last updated: 6th Sept 2018


  1. *Hugs.* Sorry about your nanny. I hope she feels better soon. Have a good September.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I’m sorry you’ve been under a lot of stress recently, Cee! I hope your grandparents get better. On the plus side though, you did put out some amazing posts this month with the time that you did have! :) <3

    1. Thanks so much Em! As always, you are the sweetest! <3

  3. So sorry that your grandma is back in the hospital again. And that your grandpa isn't dealing with her illness well. Hope she bounces back very soon!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Thank you! We've got him on the list to have a stomach scan, cos he's really not well at the moment either, and the stress is not good for him, as you can imagine.

  4. I'm sorry that you're dealing with both grandparents being ill at the same time. It must be so difficult for them and for you. Fingers crossed September is an improvement all round

  5. So sorry about your grandparents! They have so much to celebrate after 64 years of marriage--they are an inspiration!! We are also having medical issues here and I hope you don't take this wrong, but I'm grateful you can share about Parkinson's with me because you've helped me educate myself.

    1. Thank you! And hey, no problem! I want more people to know more about Parkinson's - because it is so complex and often so devastating and people just think it's a small tremor.

      My grandfather is also now in hospital - he fell and broke his leg, and also has a chest infection. *sighs* Hopefully they'll both be ok.

  6. Family, definitely, DEFINITELY, always comes first. So you take all the time you need to be with them and look after them. I'm so sorry they aren't feeling well and that everything is really difficult at the moment. I remember when my grandfathers were ill and it was so scary. Hoping the best for you all love <3 xx

    1. Thank you... it hasn't been easy. My grandfather is in hospital now as well, he had a fall and broke his leg... it just seems to all happen at once! Thanks Liv <3

  7. I hope your Nanny and Grampa are better. See what I read in August at Girl Who Reads


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