Thursday 6 September 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - Manifest Destiny

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Another week where everything falls in the 'Other Stuff' category!

Again, Loki?! AGAIN?! 😉

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Other Stuff

V. brief development on the James Gunn front, with Dave Bautista being generally awesome-sauce and saying that fear of Disney/Marvel will not stop him speaking out.

If you want a brief re-cap of the whole James Gunn deal-y, check out last week's post.

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Jessica Plummer @ Book Riot wrote about DC comics' white-washing problem.

I have to admit - total honesty on this blog dammit! - I was sceptical when I started reading this post, because I thought that Huntress was always a White character.

But Huntress may have started as a White character - but things are more complex than that, because for a while now, she's been a Woman of Colour (WoC.)

And now she seems to be White again. Hence the issues.

And I can see now how she's symptomatic of a much larger whitewashing problem.

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And to finish things off this week, here's an awesome list of graphic novels written/created by Native American writers/artists from Debbie Reese @ American Indians in Children's Literature.

What's your take on Bautista's defence of James Gunn? What do you think of the whitewashing problem? Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Yeah whitewashing really pisses me off. I read somewhere that only ONE network didn’t want to whitewash Lara Jean in the To All the Boy’s movie. Can you imagine how boring the film would be?! Her Korean identity is such a large plot point! Also networks wanted to whitewash Crazy Rich Asian’s. Somebody didn’t read the title of the film correctly.

    1. Argh. This is why we need people doing the work for diversity every damn day! :)

  2. Whitewashing upsets me too. When such diversity is real and interesting, why deliberately opt for such restrictive blandness?


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