Sunday 2 September 2018

Nerd Church - Work/Life/Blog/Whatever-Balance Is Hard! (Especially When You Have Cats)

Do you ever feel like there's just too much sh** going on?

Like, you got your work or school stuff, then you got your life/personal stuff, then you might have some other stuff to do with hobbies or passion projects or... welp, blogging!

illustrated business dude in suit juggling

And you're trying to juggle all these things.

And you're trying to balance them, so that you're both well-rested, and productive, at more or less the same damn time.

...That sh** is hard!

It never seems to balance out, does it?

Like, you try to get things to an even level so that you can manage all of it, but then something comes along and throws your equilibrium all over again!

I guess there's only two things you can do: try your best, and remember that you come first.

As you may or may not know depending on how familiar you are with Nerd Church and/or Dora Reads, I don't mean 'you come first' in a selfish way.

I mean that you have to take care of yourself, or you won't be able to help other people or do whatever else it is you need to do.

(...As long as what you need to do isn't illegal sh** - nobody blame me for that, ok?!)

(I feel like I worry about accidentally inspiring crime too much... maybe it's the Anxiety... or maybe it's just me... *shrugs*)

That ambition of balance can be especially hard for those of us who've blended different parts of our lives together in some sort of life-stew.

(Yeah... I have no idea either...)

When you've turned your hobby into work, or work into part of your personal life, or a passion project into income, or income into a passion project, or whatever, then the lines get blurred.

When that happens, it can be even harder to balance things out, because you have no clear sections to your life.

(And sometimes you have to put EVERYTHING, including the blogpost you're trying to write on life-balance, on hold.

Because you have to chase your cats around the garden as they hunt a poor tiny little frog, only to have your boy-cat eat it anyway.

Because as adorable as they are, cats are ruthless little MURDERERS. #JustSaying.)

(Yeah, no, my day is so productive and restful.


No frog murder here. #Sarcasm.)

So when the different parts of your life meld into each other, the boundaries get fuzzy, and you have to be uber-careful that you give yourself time to chillax.

(Which is a lot easier if you don't have killer cats.)

Balance is tricksy, my nerdlets, and even when you have it, you don't have it for long.

Because life is constantly changing and throwing you curve-balls.

(...or frogs.)

All you can do is react and do your best.

Because even if you don't believe it (guilty!) your best is totally good enough. Because it goddamn has to be!

OK, so this post took several unexpected turns (and one in particular, which you may have noticed, involving felines and amphibians.)

Hopefully you got my point though - assuming I had one. Which I can neither confirm or deny at this moment in time. πŸ˜…

How do you work on your life-balance? Have you ever had your plans sabotaged by furry friends? Talk to me! πŸ˜ΈπŸ’¬

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Last updated: 6th Sept 2018


  1. I have been so busy lately that I have almost forgotten to blog! It can be hard especially in the summertime to balance life and blogging, so hopefully now I’ll get things back on track. Also on the topic of furry friends, my dog actually loves to press herself right on my dad’s arm whenever he is on his laptop. It’s hilarious because she literally prevents him from doing work!

    1. So true!

      And ha, that's so cute! My previous kitty once managed to delete something my dad was doing on his laptop for work *facepalms* - my current kitties literally tell me off if they think I'm working too hard (and my boy cat bites my notebook. Lol.)

  2. You are so right! Self care is so important and we sometimes forget about that.
    Balancing is the kay, but I have to admit, I'm still learning how to find it.

    1. I think we're all kind of a work-in-progress when it comes to balance!

  3. I feel that I should have more time now that my kids are back at school but there's always something going on with the house that I still struggle to get what I want done.
    Perhaps I need to be more organize? LOL
    Your cat story cracked me up...Thanks for making me smile :)
    Dinh@Arlene's Book Club

    1. I have zero organisation skills, so I can't help you! Lol.

      I'm glad I made you smile! :) (I was soooo not in a good mood after that though! Lol.)

  4. Yup. Balance is TOUGH. Work/life/blogging/family/blogging/other hobbies/ blogging... lol okay I don't REALLY neglect family and life for blogging (well maybe a little... sometims lol) but seriously... yeah, there's never enough time.

    And cats are murderers. I love them but I never want to be their prey! Poor froggie. :)

    1. Ha, I love the amount of times blogging is in that list ;)

      The froggie was so little! :(

      I can't stay angry at my kitties though - they have all the power in this house! :)

  5. I’m pretty terrible at balancing everything. I don’t have a traditional job, so technically I work 24/7. I haven’t had a weekend, holiday, or vacation since 2016. Usually sleep is what suffers from my inability to balance. I’m getting better at surviving on 4 hours of sleep a night.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I'm self-employed, so I get you! Sleep is v. v. important though! Try to nap in the day or whatever!

  6. I feel like you do worry about inspiring crime a lot, haha. Some people say to make your passion into your job, others believe in having one source of income and keeping your passions separate so that they never become a stressful thing. There are pros and cons to both. Balance is always tough though.

    I'm sorry your cats ate the frog you were trying to save.

    1. Yeah... I'm still blaming the Anxiety for that worry! I think it's important to like what you're doing... whether that's always the same as doing what you love is another thing!

      And yeah... I am too!

  7. Wow, have I ever identified with a blog post so much? This is really me! I especially feel the lines blurring as I am trying to make a freelance career out of blogging, social media and writing, but then at the same time I have find a small job to help with student costs and I study english literature and writing so I have to write for university and myself and read for myself and for uni... the lines really do get blurred. But I try to keep an eye out for myself and notice when it gets too stressful and I take on too much. This post was a good reminder to take things easy...

    My recent post:

    1. Ha, remember to chillax Liv! Those blurry lines can be tricksy, but we have to remember to look after ourselves :)

  8. I'm one to ALWAYS struggle to balance everything I have going on. I have been kinda sad I having been able to post all the post I have drafted because.. LIFE! I do feel that as my kids get older and learn to do more things for themselves it gets easier. But YES. I always tell them YOU FIRST. But of course not in the selfish meaning. I tell them. IF you don;t love yourself you cannot love anything or anyone else. great post Cee as usual! xoxo

    1. I agree, but I'd temper your statement a little, to 'If you don't take care of yourself you can't love anything or anyone else.' Because, honestly? I've only just reached the point of *liking* myself, I can't honestly say that I love myself. But I love other people fiercely!

      And thanks! :) <3


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