Thursday 13 September 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - Everyone Here Is A Trophy

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Like, what did I do to you Loki?! Why am I the outlet for your mischief?!* 😉

As you may've guessed, everything in this comics wrap-up is in the 'Other Stuff' category again.

And as always I blame Loki.

Loki's wtf face
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*Not that I'd overly object to that 😉

Other Stuff

Kit Harington has criticised the Marvel movies for their lack of both LGBTQ+ actors and LGBTQ+ characters.

Which is awesome - the more our allies help us, the better.

If you have a platform, speak!

Jon Snow holding an iPhone 'what is this sorcery?'
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I am happy to say that Marvel and Disney are making some steps forward with diversity though - and have started their campaign to get Black Panther nominated for all the big awards at the Oscars.

Wakanda forever!

Queen to the Black Panther: 'It is your time'
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And to finish up this week, I have two links from the lovely Neko Neha @ BiblioNyan.

Do you think celebrities should use their voice to stand up for diversity? Do you think Black Panther deserves Oscar nominations? Talk to me! 😊💬

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  2. I just love Kit Harington and this has made me love him even more! Nothing but respect for Jon Snow lol. Also, it would be great if Black Panther were nominated for some Oscars! Not only for the diversity aspect, but also to show The Academy that the movies worthy of the top prizes don’t always have to be dramas set in the real world. It’s about time we start giving fantasy and sci-fi movies the recognition they deserve!

    1. He's awesome! And yep, breaking down the barriers and all that jazz! (Except LOTR, which somehow was allowed to be Oscar-ish where other SFF isn't *shrugs*)


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