Thursday 27 September 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - I Wear This On My Sleeve

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Trailers and more fun stuff from both Marvel and DC this week for you my nerdlets!

Let's get this wrap-up started!:

Film Trailers

A new clip from Venom!

This is a lot more talky-talky than the other trailers we've seen so far - there's no effects, no action sequences, etc.

That's unusual for promo clips. And kinda brave.

But I think it pays off. See what you think:

TV Trailers

There's a new trailer for season 7 of Arrow!!!!

OMG, it actually looks really awesome!

I was worried they wouldn't be able to bounce back from yet another natural ending, but they just might make it!

(I guess if The Flash can write themselves outta corners at least twice per series... 😉)

Warning: previous series SPOILERS, violence, flashing images

Other Stuff

Marvel are addressing school shootings in Champions #24 (SPOILERS in link.)

Miles Morales -

(one of the various Spider-Men; yes, there's waaaay more than one - save yourself and leave while you still can,)

- and Kamala Khan (the current Ms Marvel,) face the realities of the modern world together.

Marvel, all the sh** you've pulled recently, and then you show us two People of Colour (PoCs) tackling America's gun problem - WHY AREN'T YOU LIKE THIS MORE OFTEN?!


Clearly, there are people within Marvel who are forward-facing, while there are also elements that want to claw against the march of progress.

Let's hope progress wins.

dividing line

And to finish up this week, Michelle Regalado @ Book Riot brings us 15 Wonder Woman quotes that'll have you ready to do some derring-do, and kick some chauvinist behind! 😄

Are you looking forward to Venom?
What do you think about yet another season of Arrow?
Should comic books tackle big issues?
(Hehe the pun was accidental but v. much appreciated - never be afraid to laugh at your own accidental jokes! Lol.)
Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. If “real” books tackle big issues, (I use “real” in quotation marks because I think comics are real books too I just can’t think of another word at the moment to describe them), then I think comics should too! I mean, Kamala Khan has already been fighting all kinds of racial stereotyping. I think it’s awesome.


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