Friday 30 November 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Get You Safely Home

'"I am a Malfoy, and Malfoys do not get drunk. We enjoy alternatives to sobriety."'

(Gentle reminder, dearest nerdlets, that getting drunk is not the smartest thing ever, and is best avoided.)

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OK, so Draco's stinking drunk after a good/bad night out, depending on your interpretation, and Ron and Harry end up making sure that he gets home safe.

Because Ron and Harry are clearly good friends/colleagues (on account of they're all growed up now and have jobs.)

Also Harry maybe has a thing for a certain blonde Slytherin.

(But, you'll be happy to know, he acts the perfect gentleman.)

'"You cried and told Ginny how beautiful her valentines poem back in school was. You lay on the pool table and sang The Green Green Grass Of Home. How did you even find out about Tom Jones? You are unbelievably drunk."'

Oh, and this is kind of low-key 'Ron decides that he's gonna get Harry and Draco together because they're really bugging him with all this tip-toeing around each other.'

(You may remember that this is a randomly specific sub-genre of Harry Potter fanfiction which I totally adore.)

Only due to the aforementioned drunk-as-f**k Malfoy, Ron leaves any potential meddling for another time.

For now he's just enjoying the f**k outta the awkwardness!

This fic is a lot of fun, kinda fluffy, and responsible about how to deal with a drunk friend.

(Because sometimes fanfiction can be quite exploitative of drunk characters. #JustSaying.)

This week's fic is:

Malfoys Don't Get Drunk by TheFifthBiscuit

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  1. I love the concept of this! Especially because teens being drunk if often exploited in YA fiction. I love Harry and Ron being looking out for Draco :D

    1. Ha, they're all growed-up in this fic, but I totally get what you mean. Good friends are awesome!


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