Sunday 23 December 2018

Nerd Church - Why Christmas Is More Important To Me Than Ever

I love Christmas. I adore Christmas.

Christmas. Is. Amazing.

More than that, this year, I NEED Christmas!

teddy in Santa hat with Christmas bauble

I'm not especially religious - ask me if I believe in God and my answer will 100% depend on what I feel that day.

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Sometimes in the middle.

(Yes, I see the comparisons with my sexuality. You don't have to point it out; I'm aware of it. 😅)

Most days are a cobbled-together conglomeration of beliefs that I've somehow made into a patchwork, yet functioning, morality system. And I'm ok with that.

Christmas though? I have ALWAYS believed in Christmas.

Christmas, for me, is the light in the dark.

Christmas is the spirit of kindness and happiness.

And that's freaking beautiful.

It's not just Christmas, of course - there are many holidays from many different cultures that embody happiness and compassion and all sorts of awesome things.

But Christmas is what I associate with that feeling of family, and love, and home, and kindness, and hope.

If you celebrate a different holiday, or no holiday at all, then that's awesome!

We all find the light in the dark in different ways, dearest nerdlets, never stop finding yours.

But if you, like me, were brought up with the magic of Christmas trees and carols and ribbon and glitter and baubles and chocolate and... get the picture -

- then you'll understand why, after one hell of a rough year, what I really need is Christmas and the beauty and simple joys it brings.

Christmas is the light in the dark. To me, at least.

And I need the light this year - maybe more than ever.

Have an awesome Christmas, dearest nerdlets. 💖

Do you celebrate Christmas?
Or do you have another holiday?
What's you 'light in the dark'?
Talk to me! ❤💬

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  1. What a beautiful post, Cee! I love christmas too, mostly because it is the moment I have the most fun with my family.

  2. Lots of light to you this Christmas!! I feel much the same- it's a special holiday for me for lots of reasons, not least of which is that feeling of joy and kindness, kinda like you said. It's just magical. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Aww, I'm glad Christmas is your light in the dark. I hope it's especially bright for you and your family this year <3

  4. I was brought up with the same kind of Christmas as you and used to absolutely love everything about it. But we've been deliberately out of the UK for every Christmas (6 now) since my Mum died so I hardly do any of the traditional stuff any more. I know being away is kind of an avoidance measure because I don't know how to Do Christmas without Mum at its centre. And the last two British ones I remember are the one where Dad threw one of his tantrums and made her cry, and then the one where she was too poorly.
    I'm glad that Christmas is a light for you. I understand needing that light and I hope it was healing for you this year

    1. Christmas has always been so important to our family that, despite losing 3 of my 4 grandparents around Christmas, including this year, it's important to us to celebrate in their memory.

      That said, I understand that some people don't feel the same way, and I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you had as good a Christmas as is possible <3

  5. I love Christmas too! Mainly because it's about family. But also because I can spread some 'light'. I have a friend where Christmas is very hard for her. Thanks Cee Arr for the beautiful post!

    1. Thanks for your awesome comment! :) Hope your Christmas was a good one! :) <3

  6. I've actually come to realise that my family celebrate nothing all year. Birthdays are not a big deal and not actually celebrated. No holidays, really. But the one thing we DO celebrate is Christmas. Yes, we are of the Christian religion but it's also more than that. It's a celebration of family and friends, a time of giving back to the world and people around us, and a time to share love. On top of all the baby Jesus nativity stuff as well. So because we don't celebrate anything else we kind of go all out for Christmas and I am perfectly okay with that. I hope you had a lovely and magical Christmas this year, especially if you needed it <3

    1. Thank you - I hope you had a good Christmas! :) <3


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