Tuesday 29 January 2019

2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge Final Update + 2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge Sign-Up

Shocked people: 'Guess What? I am participating in the 2019 fanfiction challenge! The challenge is being hosted by Carrie @ CatOnTheBookshelf'

Fanfiction time! XD

In no way has this post been thrown together in the odd moments that my hectic life grants me *shifty glances.*

OK, so maybe it has... just don't tell anyone! 😎

I was originally trying to get this post all done and dusted in December, but my December was... not good. So here we are!

So that means that I'm smushing my 2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge final wrap-up into my 2019 sign-up.

Because I decided. #ShesARebel

dividing line
2018 wrappage-uppage firstage my nerdlets!

In the second half of the year, I read 219 fic-chapters (as well as my poor maths skills can make it, anyhow.)

Added to my previous 159 fic chapters, that's 378 fic-chapters.

My goal was the 'Tuxedo Cat' level of 300-399 fic-chapters - which means I achieved the Tuxedo Cat level! (Woop!)

A reminder that this challenge is hosted by Carrie @ Cat on the Bookshelf.

2018 Fanfiction Reading Challenge title image with cat-headed note paper

Here's the list for the second half of the year, I've added CW and 18+ Only to the ones I remember having things in them that need that,

But it's more than possible I've forgotten a sh** tonne of stuff, and this is fanfiction, so be careful my nerdlets!

Inclusion =/= recommendation.

If you want to see fics I recommend, check out my Friday Fics Fix posts.

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter

Crawl Into Your Atmosphere - 18+ Only; CW
Disciplined - 18+ Only; CW

Marvel movies and TV shows (inc. Sony)

REBEL With Korg
What's a Loki got to do to get a little privacy? - 18+ Only; CW
Fireworks - mild CW
Coming Out to... Mr. Stark? - mild CW
When the Instincts Kick In - mild CW
Why Tony Stark Hates Guns - 2/2 chapters read; CW
you can call me son - 5/5 chapters read; CW
Touch As Sweet As - 18+ Only; CW
Answer your goddamn phone, Bucky! - 18+ Only; CW
Help - 18+ Only; CW
Tony Stark Gets What He Wants - 18+ Only; CW
And is there a moment when it all makes sense? - CW
When there are clouds in the sky - CW
Gobbled Out
After - CW
Shrapnel - CW
An Introduction to Sakaaran Spectator Sports - CW; 18+ Only
Scars Unseen - CW
In Safe Hands
the roots that sleep beneath my feet - 18+ Only
Such a good boy, darling - 18+ Only
Bloodstream - 18+ Only
Basic Space - 18+ Only
If They Haven't Learned Your Name - 18/18 Chapters read; CW; 18+ Only
Taking Care of You - CW
(Safe and) Warm
Taking Care of a Teammate - 18+ Only
107 Gigabytes of Filth - 18+ Only
Heat like a Dumpster Fire - 18+ Only
Eddie gets adopted - 3/3 (published) chapters read
Mine - 18+ Only
static - CW
Handsome Parasite - link no longer active
it's unlike anything, when you're lovin' me - 18+ Only
Your Eyes Are Closed, Your Heart Is Open Wide - 18+ Only
Io Saturnalia - 18+ Only
The One the Battles Always Choose - 3/3 Chapters read; CW
Home - CW
Oasis - CW

Harry Potter universe

Draco's pale for a reason (Iron deficiency) - 18+ Only; mild CW
Hungry - 18+ Only; CW
Behind the Curtain - 18+ Only; CW
The Heart's Honest Truth - 18+ Only
Blankets - CW
so we sit by the fire (and wait) - 1/4 chapters read; mild CW
It actually hurts - 9/9 chapters read; 18+ Only; CW
Puppy Breath and Money - 4/4 chapters read; 18+ Only; CW
Heat of the Moment - 18+ Only; CW
Sad Stories - 18+ Only; CW
Cruciatus - CW
Quiet and Honest
Mirrored Feelings
Safe (with you) - CW
I Can't Take It!
Roots of a new life - 20/20 chapters read; 18+ Only; CW
My Hero - 20/20 chapters read; 18+ Only; CW
burnout - mild CW
Not All of Draco's Birthdays Were Good - 18+ Only; CW
Amicitia Eternus
Judging a Book by its Title - CW
Chasing Treacle Tart (and Draco Malfoy) - 18+ Only
Malfoy?! Is that you?! - CW; 18+ Only
Short Stories
He Could Give a Figging - CW; 18+ Only
Hogwarts' Public Secret - 10/10 chapters read
What Happens at the Milk Bar (doesn't stay there) - 18+ Only; CW
A Love Like Stardust
Jinx! Buy me a coke
Malfoys Don't Get Drunk

MacGyver (modern run)

5 Times Mac Didn't Save Himself - 18+ Only; CW
The Stuff That Kills You - CW
Three Months Later - CW

BBC Sherlock

Different, but not less - 6/6 chapters read; 18+ Only; CW
Hush - 18+ Only; CW
Fever found truth - CW
Breaking Point - CW
Erased - MAJOR CW; 18+ Only
The Logical Solution - 18+ Only


Colourful Problem

Da Vinci's Demons

Damaged - CW
Sinner or Saint - 18+ Only; CW

Arrowverse (DC TV shows)

Merlin (BBC)

dividing line
Aaaaand on to the 2019 challenge!

As always, check out Carrie's post for all the rules and all that jazz.

2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge title image w/ eReader and cat mask - catonthebookshelf.wordpress.com

I've decided to go with Option #2 on account of I'm useless at setting my own parameters.

#Option 2 is to read fics to meet the following list:

  1. Fanfic Source: Read a fanfic from a different archive/source
  2. Read fanfics from more than 1 or 2 fandoms
  3. A fic that is less than 10,000 words
  4. A fic that is more than 50,000 words
  5. A gen fic
  6. Crossover
  7. An abandoned fic
  8. Fairy tale
  9. Slash or Femslash
  10. Fanfic starring your OTP
  11. Canon-compliant fic
  12. Genderbending
  13. Challenge fic
  14. 5+ year old fic
  15. <1 year old fic
  16. Time travel fic
  17. Enemies to Lovers
  18. Script fic
  19. Unusual character relationships
  20. Recursive fanfiction
  21. Smut/Lemon
  22. Next gen fic
  23. Coffee Shop AU
  24. Period fic
  25. Evil!Hero OR Good!Villain

While I do have to set how much I wanna try to accomplish, this one's easier: I'll just try all of them!

If I achieve 15+ then I'll be happy though!

Are you doing any reading challenges this year?
Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. Good luck Cee! I’m just doing my yearly goodreads challenge this year, though I still haven’t set the banner on my blog yet. (procrastination)


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