Friday 22 February 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Drinking Games and Inaccurate Judgements

Steve laughed, "Tony, I've told you before, I'm not innocent, you just refuse to believe me."

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I think I have déjà vu - or maybe ficja vu* - because even though I don't seem to have, I feel like I've rec'd this fic before.

I've checked my old posts, though, and I can't find it anywhere *shrugs*

Maybe I just thought about rec'ing it, and decided to go with something else instead.

...Or maybe I've read so much fanfiction that it's all merged into a large, slightly smutty, blur. Who knows?

*I realise that's probably grammatically incorrect as f**k. And I don't care. (Oh yeah, she's a rebel!)

So, I'm rec'ing this fic, anyway.

Because it made me giggle, k?

(And I'm listening to my heavy metal playlist, so you know, dearest nerdlets, that there's no reasoning with me!)

Before we go any further with this post though, sweet nerdlets, I have to warn you that this fic is heavily based in adult humour.

So any wee kiddies under the age of 18 need to clear off or get a signed permission slip from their mam, k? 😉

(Don't do drugs or set fires kids! Stay in school and remember that if you do touch each other, you will get pregnant, and die.* #MeanGirlsReference #DownWithTheKids #ResponsibleAdultIsResponsible)

*Not actual sex ed advice, in case you hadn't got that. I shouldn't have to say this, but, y'know... Internet.

Basically, the Avengers are playing the 'never should I ever' drinking game* - something else that's not for under-18s or whatever your local legal drinking age is - and it turns out Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, isn't all that squeaky clean.

Because they clearly aren't playing the PG version of the game.

(And I've just realised that I'm using PG as a descriptor a lot lately... *shrugs* meh, let's go with it!)

So Tony is surprised to say the least!

*I don't need a drinking game to be random and/or embarrassing - just caffeine and some rock music! 😎

And ofc it turns out most of the sexy stuff Steve has done is with another dude.

...because fanfiction is a space where being Queer is blessedly normalised, and fandom is perfectly fine with giving Captain America a boyfriend (or more than one.) #JustSaying.

So, this week's short 'n' fun fic is:

Steven Not-So-Innocent Rogers by The_alpha_of_alphas

Did this fic make you laugh?
Have you ever played a drinking game?
Talk to me! 😉💬

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  1. I am not interesting enough to play never have I ever, but I love watching other people play it! Maybe I’m just nosy that way haha!

    1. Ha, people-watching is excellent writing material! ;)

  2. That did make me chuckle. I do ship Steve and Bucky but I still can't imagine Steve being that wild.

    1. Stucky is otp dammit! ;) I think it's the fact that Tony can't imagine Steve acting like that that makes it so fun! :)


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