Wednesday 20 February 2019

Micropoetry - January 2019

I realise it's nearly the end of February.

Fashionably late, dearest nerdlets, fashionably late 😎

The first of February's two pieces of Micropoetry is yet more proof that I've been listening to too much Eminem lately 😅

The second one is kind of personal... hopefully it's ok as a piece of poetry too.

As always, the poetry is in the alt-text for those using screen readers.

22nd Jan // When the deck's stacked / You can't backtrack / Everything's holding you / in place / And you just wanna scream, / just wanna cry, / Just want a different fate, a different face, / When you can't get out of endless spirals, / How do we carry on in this place?

dividing line
26th Jan/// I want to hear you / Call me Honey or Sweetie or Baby Girl again, / Or just chat / Or sing Calon Lan at the top of your lungs / Or sigh when you talk about your father / & how they took his lungs away / I want to cwtch & be cwtched tight again / & tell you we love you / Forever. Bob amser.

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Last updated: 2nd March 2019


  1. I really like the stained glass window backdrop in the first poem! It’s beautiful and really works!

    1. Thanks! :) I thought it fit in well, which is why I chose it! :)

  2. Sometimes personal writing makes for the best writing :-) I really like that one. I may not understand all the references, but it has a lot of heart.

    1. Thank you so much <3 I was struggling when I wrote it, and just wanted my Grampa back *so bad*.

      I'm going to assume you didn't get the Welsh? My Grampa spoke Welsh more as he got older and it meant home and family to him. Calon Lan is a beautiful hymn - his favourite - about having song in your heart, there's loads of recordings, so check it out on YouTube or whatever! Cwtching is an especially warm/family-like hug. Bob amser means (roughly) 'all time.'

      The reference to my great-grandfather's lungs is literal - he had what we call 'dust' - pneumoconiosis - after being in the mines, and after he died the doctors took his lungs away.


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