Wednesday 14 November 2018

Micropoetry - September + October 2018

Here's my Micropoetry for September and October!

I only wrote one piece in September, so I figured I'd combine the two months.

And, in an action that has surely broken the laws of physics and/or the time-space-continuum, I somehow managed to find time to make graphics for all three!

(I seriously suspect some sort of time-warp was involved. B/c how?!)

As always, for those with screen-readers, the poetry will be in the alt-text of the images, with / marks denoting line breaks.

Here you go then, dearest nerdlets:

21st Sept // Got up / so many times - / I can't remember / where the bruises end and / where they / begin, / on my skin - / Can't remember / which bruises / come / from the fall / And which / come / from the haul / to my feet - / They wanna pull you under, / Steal your thunder. / Get up / No surrender.

dividing line

10th Oct // I wrote these words / rough and raw in my own hand: / I. Am. Here. / I wrote those words, / rough and raw, / in my / own hand, / hoping / you / might understand

dividing line

28th Oct //Take deep breaths / As I trek / Down endless white corridors, / Shiny floors, / Can't get the grip - / The purchase that I need. / Feels like / My feet / Are slipping out from under me, / Take deep breaths / Walk on.

Whaddya think?
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  1. Beautiful, Cee! I especially love how you designed the second one. The words really stand out!

    1. Thanks Em! I was like: 'omg I can use notepaper!' Lol! :)

  2. These are great, Cee Arr. I especially love September's poem

    1. Thank you soooo much! <3 I'm actually quite happy with that one! :)

  3. love them! Love the formats! I especially love the first one because really, most of the time I don;t know where my bruises come from and most of the time I suspect they are self inflicted. xoxo

    1. Lmao! I love you Daniela! (And... yeah... I'm clumsy, so I feel ya!)

      Thank you! <3


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