Thursday 7 March 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - From the Fading Light I Fly

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I don't know whether there's just a lot of superhero/comics stuff this week, or if I've just rambled on more than usual... maybe both! 😎

Film Trailers

X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer. Here we go...

(Warning: flashing images)

If you know anything about X-men, you know that this storyline is the BIG one.

(You may also know that we don't talk about Last Stand. Please and thank you! Lol.)

A lot of X-men fans fall into one of two camps: those who love Jean Grey, and those who... would rather she played a less prominent part.

I openly admit that I'm in the second camp here. I've never understood the appeal of Jean Grey, other than as a recurring comics resurrection principle 😏

Ok, that was nerdy, even for me 😅. I'll leave some notes for those who don't speak fluent nerd (and, y'know, care.)

(Fangirling notes: the Jean Grey principle = no matter how many times a character dies, they always come back, especially if your name's Jean Grey.

Conversely, the Uncle Ben principle is that Spider-Man's Uncle Ben is never resurrected.

Summed up together - no-one stays dead except Uncle Ben)

Also, I'm not a fan of Mystique's new make-up job... it might grow on me, who knows? *shrugs*

dividing line
We have a new SHAZAM! trailer dearest nerdlets!

I'm actually starting to come around to this one - seems fun! 😊

(Warning: flashing images)

dividing line
And more li'l Captain Marvel trailers!!!

Cos where would we be without them? 😊

(Warning: flashing images in both)

Other Stuff

Check out this AMAZING look at the character of Klaus in Umbrella Academy, and the way his addictions are portrayed in the programme.

It's from a channel called The Rewired Soul on YouTube, and it's awesome.

Run time: 10.54

Warning: this video discusses addiction, recovery, and trauma, it also contains SPOILERS

dividing line

And to finish this week, we have Goose, Captain Marvel's cat, getting ready for the red carpet.

You're welcome. 😻

Mystique's new look: yes or no?
Are you a Jean Grey fan?
Do you think they can pull Dark Phoenix off this time?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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Last updated: 15th March 2019


  1. Literally everyone I know it talking about Umbrella Academy! Is it any good? I usually follow hype but in this case I don’t even know what this show is about!

    1. The Umbrella Academy is a team of superheroes who are also a family, they disbanded years ago but are brought back together by the death of their father. It's dysfunctional af, and weird as all hell, but it's SO GOOD!!!! XD

      I admit to being biased b/c I'm a massive Gerard Way fan, and have loved The Umbrella Academy comics for years, but I also LOVE what they've done with it! :) <3

  2. Oh the trailer for Dark Phoenix looks fantastic! I can't wait to watch that in June :)
    I am going to see the Captain Marvel movie in 2 hours. I heard it's good. Shazam looks a bit lame to me but my son wants to see it.

    1. I'm hopefully going to see Captain Marvel tomorrow - hope you enjoy watching the various films! Lol :)


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