Friday 8 March 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Girls' World

'"Maybe it’s not—," Ava started. A cone of flame whirled through the air. "Okay, maybe it is Mick."'

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On International Women's Day, I think it's only appropriate to feature a fic about two of my favourite Queer female characters!

(I realise the link is maybe a little tenuous. But I don't actually care. I'm going with it 😎)

You may or may not be familiar with my obsession with love of my future wife the kick-a** bisexual superhero Sara Lance, aka The Black Canary, aka The White Canary.

(Why the change from Black Canary to White? Superhero shenanigans. Deal with it.)

All you basically need to know about Sara is this: time-travelling spaceship Captain and assassin.

She rocks.

...she's also been my fictional girlfriend since before I was even out. She was the first (non-straight-washed) Queer superhero I ever saw on TV/in film.

So, yeah, she means a lot to me! 😅 #RepresentationMatters

Sara Lance: 'Once you know, your life will never be the same.'
*sighs longingly*

Via Giphy

Another character who totally rocks is Ava Sharpe - Sara's current girlfriend.

(Yes! Canon F/F relationships are ALLOWED TO HAPPEN IN THE ARROWVERSE!)

Ava is the director of a top-secret government funded agency. And is... about as complex as you can get in a character (like Sara!)

Together? They are THE BEST. OTP for sure.

(Fangirling notes:

Canon is something that actually happened in the TV series/book/whatever.

Arrowverse is the CW's DC superhero shows.

OTP is One True Pairing - that relationship between characters that you will fight to the metaphorical death for!)

'"I'm perfectly fine with spending my money on booze and women and squandering the rest," Sara answered as she took a sip of her own drink.'

So this fic has Sara and Ava trying to enjoy a holiday in Las Vegas, only to have to keep dragging the Legends of Tomorrow (Sara's superhero team and name of the show,) out of trouble.

...because they're essentially the adults here.

...well, like the older teens who are baby-sitting and have to keep dealing with the smaller kids.

(And drinking to the levels suggested in this fic is neither good for your health nor particularly admirable in general. #ResponsibleAdult #NoReally #StopLaughing)

So, this week's awesome fic is:

Sara & Ava's Uneventful Vacation in Las Vegas by althus

Who's your fictional love interest?
Can you name any well-written F/F TV relationships?
Talk to me!👭💬

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  1. Haha I love how you crossed out “my future wife!” If she’s your future wife, own it, Cee! Hell I was convinced I was gonna marry Percy Jackson when I was younger XD

    1. Ha, why are all the best love interests fictional?! ;) But then, I think Sara Lance would be out of my league even if she was real! Lol.


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