Wednesday 19 June 2019

Mini-Review! - Dat's Love and Other Stories by Leonora Brito

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Dat's Love & Other Stories title image with red willow branches hanging down over the corner

Title: Dat's Love and Other Stories

(Also published as 'Selected Stories)

Author: Leonora Brito

'Selected Stories' book cover with an artsy illustration of a Black woman
Genres: Anthology, Short Stories, Contemporary(-ish,) Historical Fiction

The Verdict:

I loved this collection.

This is snapshots of life, primarily set in Cardiff's Docklands, and within the city's Black community.

It's also Black Cardiffian #OwnVoices.

Just as a reminder: I don't live in the city, and I'm White. So that's my perspective.

I am, however, familiar both with Cardiff, and with Wales in general 😉

What did I love most about this anthology?

It's both the Wales I know and love and the Wales I'm not really a part of at the same time.

Because there's room here for all sorts of people, and we're all equally Welsh (so long as you want to be, ofc, and don't support England in the rugby.)

There's something epically awesome about reading 'effing' and 'poor dab' as part of everyday conversation!

Like, YES! That's my home! 😊

The stories that are set in Wales - the majority of the collection - are so Welsh it's amazing.

I've met these people, y'know?

They're not stereotypes, but I can picture people like this - who talk like this and act like this.

I love it.

I also loved the little touch in the last story of Black Idris and White Idris on the same basketball team!

Idris is a name found in both Welsh, and Arabic and African, cultures - completely different meanings which somehow culminate in the same sounds and spelling.

It brought the 'same but different' theme together nicely.

Occasionally, I found the prose a little over-descriptive. 

That's personal, I know, but other people may find the same.

And, as with all short story collections, some shine more than others. I think this is more hits than misses though!

Content Warnings:

Be aware of the following:

- racism
- colourism
- poverty
- domestic violence
- cancer
- alcohol abuse
- family issues
- grief

...I think that's everything, but as always, I may have forgotten something, so be careful!

Have you read any books by Welsh authors?
Do you like to read about the country/culture you come from?
Talk to me! ❤💬

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  1. This sounds like a good read! The only book by a Welsh author that I’ve read before is Enid Blyton. I used to love her children’s books.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble Em, but Enid Blyton's English! I'll forgive you ;) but you should totally check out some Welsh authors! :) <3

    2. Ok... I totally thought that Enid Blyton was Welsh this whole time!! *slaps forehead* Totally my bad, looks like I do need to brush up on my Welsh authors XD.

    3. Ha, no worries! Diana Wynne Jones was Anglo-Welsh (*actually* Anglo-Welsh, she was born in England but her parents were Welsh) if you fancy some MG/YA fantasy! :)


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