Sunday 21 July 2019

Nerd Church - Trump Is A Racist, and Other Obvious Things That Still Have To Be Said

(Warning: this post discusses all things Trump, inc. racism, bigotry, and alleged sexual assault, inc. Jeffrey Epstein and paedophilia)

Trump is a racist.

He is a sexist, a homophobe, an ableist, a transphobe, an Islamophobe.

Trump is pretty much any kind of bigot or general a**hole you can think of.

I don't know why people are still surprised, but some people seem to be.

Two Muslim American women in hijabs holding hijabi US flag posters reading 'we the people'
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

He is also an alleged sex offender, who has been recorded bragging about sexual assault.

He was chummy with the paedophile Jeffery Epstein, and some people think this latest bout of racism is a distraction away from the Epstein connection.

Trump is a racist.

The people who voted for him are either actively racist themselves, or willing to turn a blind eye to racism.

Being willing to turn a blind eye to racism is, in itself, racist.

The people who still support him despite the explicitness of his latest racist displays, are racist. There's no way around the truth.

Trump is a racist.

But the system that elected him is just as racist.

A system which allows a White man to tell Women of Colour to go back to their own countries -

despite the fact that AMERICA IS THEIR COUNTRY

- while he sits pretty in highest office, with no repercussions, is racist.

A system which gives White people the levels of privilege we have in most of the West, is racist.

Trump is a racist.

And the chanting of 'send her back' at that rally should have sent a chill down the spines of all who saw and heard it.

Because that kind of mass ignorance is dangerous - that kind of mass ignorance can be seen in footage of Nazi rallies and the KKK.

That kind of mass ignorance makes people feel less responsible for being a part of terrible things.

In a group, people do things they would never do alone.

In a group, people are afraid to speak out.

In a group, extremism is normalised.

Trump is a hate-filled extremist.

He is certainly full of hate.

He's on the extreme-right of his party.

Therefore, Trump is a hate-filled extremist.

He turns descriptions of himself onto the world, because he thinks everyone is just as ugly inside as he is. He can't imagine it being any different.

Trump is a racist.

The sky is blue. The grass is green. Birds go 'tweet' and Trump shouldn't.

America is racist - but it doesn't have to stay that way.

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Last updated: 7th September 2019


  1. He disgusts me in every possible way.

  2. And now we have our own little Trump heading up the UK. If this was a novel, I'd have been calling it out for being unrealistic :-(
    The normalising of this extreme bigotry is frightening me. Like you say, people feel it's now ok to be openly vicious and that's not the country in which I want to live

    1. There is still a tiny particle of hope that Boris will be better than we all think... I mean, he really does act like a sexist, Islamophobic, douche, who doesn't care about the Celtic Nations in the slightest and is driving us all head-first into No-Deal (which is so, so, bad,) but... it would be nice if he surprised us? Somehow? Or at least gets ousted quickly enough that it doesn't matter. I've always been a surprisingly optimistic Depressive! *hysterical laughter*

      The way to change that normalisation of hatred is to say no. No, no, no. We're gonna treat people with respect and humanity, we're gonna listen to others, we're gonna normalise diversity. A refusal to give up on equality and hope can be a powerful thing :) <3


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