Friday 19 July 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Death Can't Stop a Jedi... From Pranking

'"In the meantime, I'm going to annoy our son back into the Light," Han said with restored good cheer.

"That's not how it works," Leia said.

"Has anyone tried?"'

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Sometimes, I just love the randomness of fanfiction.

Like, if you hype up Hollywood writers on a lot of coffee, deprive them of sleep, and then give them action figures to play with, you get fanfic authors.

And that, my dearest nerdlets, is just one of the many beautiful things about the internet.

So this fic is based on the modern Star Wars films, and has a butt-tonne of SPOILERS, ok? Ok.

Basically, you know how Jedi have this habit of turning up after they're dead?

Like the character is faffing along, and then suddenly, dead Yoda's there being irritatingly cryptic?

I mean, dude, you've got cute ears and everything, but you're not helping here! And 'Do or do not, there is no try,' - OF COURSE THERE'S A TRY. F**k you!

*Ahem* I have a few issues with Yoda's supposed 'wisdom.'

...Anyway, dead Jedi turn up again. Ok? Ok.

This fic is full of dead OG Star Wars characters with surprisingly active social lives.

Because, why not? I guess! 😅

It also features dead people essentially trolling Kylo Ren.

...I feel like that's something Mark Hamill would do, rather than Luke Skywalker, but the line between the two has def. got blurry over the years!

Luke Skywalker brushing ash off his shoulder
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This week's fun fic, then is:

Bunch of Mystic Mumbo-Jumbo by Tuesday

How would you troll Kylo Ren?
Yoda - wisdomous or a little green phoney?
Talk to me! 😆😅💬

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  1. I get a kick out of Yoda. I just think he’s such a funny character and is great to impersonate. However, I do think the characters could have always gone on without him. He was kinda useless.

    1. Like he's good and fun and everything, ofc! But totally useless! Lol XD


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