Thursday 15 August 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - It's A Beautiful Thing When Boy Meets Boy

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It's Thursday, and that means it's time for superheroes and all the comics-y goodness! Woo! 😀


I've been reading an awesome webcomic called Exorcism Academy.

This is about a demon who's bonded to an exorcist, so that the exorcist can, y'know, exorcise stuff... lol.

The main relationship is M/M, and part of a wider M/M/M polyamorous/open relationship, and there's also plenty of other LGBTQ+ characters wandering around!

This webcomic is also totally NSFW - and 18+ Only!!!

Mean Girls Sex Ed meme, captioned: 'And if you look at the NSFW comics you will get pregnant...and die.'
...Not really. But if you believed that, you shouldn't read this comic!

Made with

This is on account of graphic sexy times with various genders, and general full-frontal nudity, sometimes just randomly.

(On a related note: if anyone knows of any F/F webcomics involving a lady demon... yours truly would be interested! 😅)

Other Stuff

It's super easy, barely an inconvenience, to check out this video from the amazing Ryan George @ Screen Rant explaining the money-making behemoth that is the MCU (fangirl notes: Marvel movies).

This is worth watching just for Ryan George playing the recorder, tbh.

Run-time: 10.05

(Warning: MCU SPOILERS!, inc. for Endgame. Flashing images.)

dividing line
And to end this week is a reminder that you can catch up on July's comics posts (and all of my other posts) in my monthly wrap-up post.

This has been a shameless plug 😉

Can you recommend any awesome webcomics (esp. LGBTQ+)?
Do you agree with the points made in the Screen Rant vid?
Talk to me! ❤💬

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'It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy' is from When Boy Meets Boy* by Matt Fishel

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  1. I learnt all about the MCU in a film studies class I took last year. I was shocked at how this film company has turned into an absolute empire! Will there ever be a time where they’re not making money? Lol.


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