Wednesday 7 August 2019

Month in Review(s) - July 2019

July was too goddamned hot.

July - Gorffenaf title graphic with really big sun at the bottom and puffy clouds and stuff
I spelled Gorffennaf wrong in the graphic - oops! 😅

I'm not built for anything past 23C, and it hit, like 31C.

I know to some of you who live in hotter places than the UK, that's nothing but... it's really not nothing to us!

I'm not a nice person when I'm hot - I'm grumpy af and just want to make the world suffer.

Also, I live in Wales. Summer is traditionally one big rain shower - WTAF with this heat?!

Seriously, the last couple of years are more than enough proof of climate change.

My genetics are designed for cold, wet, and occasionally sunny.

Our entire infrastructure is set up for cold, wet, and occasionally sunny.


We normally consider 15C+ a nice warm day.

Someone fix this. Please, world governments WE WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS.

And there are moths everywhere. Like, EVERYWHERE. I like moths, but they're everywhere. #JustSaying.

Did anything happen in July that wasn't horrendous, energy-sapping heat?

...Not much, in honesty.

Hard at work, as per usual.

Still up-and-down with the Depression/Anxiety situation, but more ups than downs is a goddamned win!

Oh, and the domain for this blog renewed, so if you'd like to help support me, buying me a coffee would be very much appreciated!

No pressure though, I still love you regardless! ❤

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Mildly Amusing Searches

A feature inspired by Cait @ Paper Fury & others


For when you need to add 4yg to things. Apparently.


The coffee should always begin. And middle. And end. I love coffee! XD


Sometimes, when you've added 4yg to your beginning coffee, you need to take a moment or 5 to Nh! 😅

prettykittyluvsu fanfic

I'm guessing this is the name of a fic author? Possibly one I've rec'd before?

If not, you're looking for something very specific, pal 😅

the order Netflix fanfiction

How did this lead to my blog though...? I'm only vaguely aware that there's a show (rather than a movie...?) on Netflix called The Order.

Hope you found what you were looking for out there somewhere mysterious Googler!

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Last updated: 6th October 2019


  1. It was so unbelievably hot here as well. I actually looked forward to going to work just so I could enjoy the air conditioning lol! Global warming is a real thing people!

    1. We've been trying to balance out when we use fans/air-cons b/c we don't wanna use too much energy and just add to the problem - but sometimes you just gotta! And climate change is so, so, real!

  2. I wish my genetics were designed for cold. The way you feel now is how I feel in Winter plus add SAD to it :( I hope you feel better soon! Fall is coming and we will both be happy :)

    1. That sucks! It's not that I *like* the cold... but I would happily live in a permanent winter if it meant it would never be too hot again! Autumn can be hit-or-miss here... sometimes we basically roll from summer to winter, sometimes autumn lasts from August to late November (which is what I'm hoping for!)

  3. So sorry about the horrible heat! We also had a heat wave and more coming this weekend and next week with little rain. I am a summer heat person and anything below 13 degrees C makes my hands and feet too cold. My neighbor's parents are visiting from England and recently vacationed in Wales. I'll have to ask them more about the weather.

    1. It's back to raining like hell and I'm. So. Happy!!!!! Ha, I suggest you don't visit here in the winter, then - it can get down to -5C some days! I always find cold easier to cope with - you can always add another layer, but there's a limit to how many you can strip off in polite company! XD


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