Friday 30 August 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Ghosting Through

'Twitching his fingers before scrunching the light grey fabric up in his fingers. The small motion making his fingers ache and nearly all of his joints pop. Speaking with his voice coming out harsh and scratchy, “now where?”.'
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Sometimes you just come across something fresh and interesting and... you have to read the thing.

This fic is the thing. I had to read it.

OK, I've talked about Danny Phantom and my UNDYING LOVE for that cartoon before now.

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But if you're not aware of it:

Basically, this kid is half-ghost (yes, that's a thing, just go with it,) and fights bad ghosts; his parents are ghost hunters and don't know he's half-ghost because they're both oblivious and a li'l incompetent.

...But they have moments of brilliance that always seem to negatively affect Danny. Because typical 00's cartoon parents.

Anyways, this fic focuses on a fan-fictional incident where Danny gets hurt by one of his parents' ghost hunting devices.

It's a lot of very dramatic angst and pain - so I'm just putting that out there to begin with - this fic is FULL of descriptions of pain, injury, and various gorey-nesses.

So, yeah, if you don't like reading about intense pain and severe injuries, this one ain't for you!

Personally, I've woken up in the middle of the night feeling this bad for various illness-related reasons (although not this badly injured, and luckily not leaking ectoplasm, because that would be a whole 'nother level of concerning.)

So I actually found it concerningly relatable! 😅

This fic isn't perfect - sometimes it's naive, sometimes it tips over into over-dramatic (although, not for fanfiction...) and sometimes the dialogue is awkward in a way that it's not meant to be.

Grammar purists are also likely to have huge issues with the prose.

But - and I mean this in the kindest possible way - f**k the purists!

Danny Fenton accidentally becoming intangible and falling through a table in the middle of class
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This fic author has their own style that doesn't always conform to the hard-and-fast rules of grammar.

But it conforms to the rules of the emotional truth of the story - and that's far more important.

There's... seriously some talent hiding in these lines (imho.)

This is a fic author who isn't afraid to explore different aspects of the TV series, and isn't afraid to do in their own way and with their own individuality.

(Or, if they are afraid, they're hiding it very well!)

This is original, unique, and intriguing.

I'll def. be reading more of this author's fics.

...and that's just awesomely exciting! 😊

This week's fic, then, is:

Danny's Hardly Stable by GothMoth

Are you a stickler for grammar?
Or do you like a little rebellion in the service of originality and story?
Talk to me! 😉💬

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  1. I have never heard of this before. This sounds like fun easy watching x

    1. I love this show so freaking bad!!!! It was one of those shows I used to rush home to watch new episodes of when I was a kid :) <3

  2. I am such a stickler for grammar. I have relatives that still don’t know which “there” to use, or which “your.” It drives me nuts.

    1. Ha, to be fair this fic was pretty good at that! It was more the syntax (word order) and sentence structure that was unique!


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