Thursday 5 September 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - And Just Don't Tell The World That You're... Sh!

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It's Thursday. And not all heroes wear capes. (Comics still rock though.)

Film Trailers

The final trailer is here for the JOKER film with Joaquin Phoenix... and I'm still not entirely sure about this one.

It could be fine, but there's some stuff here that leans kinda close to ableism/misrepresentation of mental health. And that kinda worries me.

I could be wrong - it could be excellent! What do I know? I actually liked Jared Leto's Joker, and everyone else hated it so... *shrugs*

(Warning: flashing images, potentially dodgy mental health rep.)

Other Stuff

Ok, Cee's getting up on her goddamn soap-box*.

Kristen Stewart has been told by movie industry people, to stop holding her girlfriend's hand in public, then she could maybe land a Marvel movie.

To people who don't think prejudice against Queer people still exists: F**k you.

Apparently two girlfriends holding hands is enough to hold you back in Hollywood. And also means that you can't be a superhero.

I'm not surprised. I am disappointed.

Just for clarification: she didn't say in the interview who this person was who made the comment - it could've been someone from a production company, from her agency team, from Marvel or Disney, or a number of other possibilities.

Kristen Stewart wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket

(On behalf of my fellow Queer girls, I would like to confirm that this gif is sexy af.
Hi! I'm Cee, and today I'm a Lesbian with some Homoflexibility! 😅)

Via Giphy

And a bunch of people ignored this and started to comment on her acting ability instead.

Kristen Stewart is Marmite* as an actress. I get it.

But whether or not you like her as an actress is besides the goddamn point here!

You can't just support the rights of the people you like. That's not equality. That's just another form of oppression.

She also spoke a little in her Harper's Bazaar interview about the difficulties around not having a definitive label.

Kristen Stewart is non-defined Queer/non-label. Sometimes she discusses it as Sexual Fluidity, sometimes she doesn't. AND THAT'S OK.

As someone who ID's as Sexually Fluid/Queer, I know that a lot of non-Fluid people have this discomfort with the vagueness of it all which they have a tendency to turn back on us as if it's our job to change until they can understand/accept us.

Do me a favour: don't be that person.

*British-isms (because I suddenly realised I was using Brit slang) -

'up on your soapbox' - there's this quirky thing in the UK where people literally get old wooden boxes (that in Ye Olde Days held soap,) or sometimes plastic ones, and stand on them to give political or moral speeches in public - usually a shopping street, or in Speaker's Corner outside Parliament where the police don't have the right to move you on. We're a weird country.

Getting up on your soapbox is therefore sermonising or making a speech in a passionate manner and trying to convince others of your belief.

'Marmite' is a spread sort of thing that's also used as cooking stock sometimes, that you either love or hate (that is literally their slogan) so anything that's highly-divisive and/or splits opinion in a binary manner is referred to as Marmite.

dividing line

On the topic of Queer folks doing whatever the f**k they want and being successful, Keiynan Lonsdale, who used to play Wally West/Kid Flash on CW's The Flash, has released a new single.

Rainbow Dragon* actually addresses leaving The Flash specifically, so I figured I'd share it with you guys.

*affiliate link

(Warning: flashing images, adult lyrics, swearing)

dividing line
And to end this week, check out these reviews of Teen Titans: Raven, and Sailor Moon: Eternal Edition, Vol 1 & 2 by Crystal @ Lost In Storyland

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What do you think of the JOKER trailer?
Had you heard the Kristen Stewart news? Were you surprised?
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  1. I actually really like Kristen Stewart. Yes her acting in the past (Twilight) has been questionable, however I feel as if she has grown so much and people just judge her based on her past projects. She was a main character in the movie Still Alice a few years ago and she was awesome! I just wish people would give her more credit.

    1. I haven't seen her in much besides Twilight tbh, so I can't really say how good/not good she is. It just really pi**es me off when Queer people get that kind of comment directed at them, and all anyone can say is 'but you're a sh** actress!' ARGH! <3


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