Thursday 26 September 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - Nobody Knows What Lies Ahead

Comics Wrap-Up title image with manga-style woman handing a flower to her childlike living-shadow

I think Thursday comes around quicker every week! 😅

Still, it's Thursday. And that means it's time for comics-y goodness!

TV Trailers

New Supergirl and Arrow trailers!!!!!

And yes, there's still a def. vibe of sh** going down in the Arrowverse (CW TV shows) this season!

OK, Supergirl first:

(Warning: flashing images)

[video no longer available]

And next, the trailer for the final (FINAL!) series of Arrow.

And dude, they are pulling out All. The. Drama. Stops.

This show means So Much to me and... ARGH! All the feelings! 😂😢😍😉😎

(Warning: flashing images)

[video no longer available]

Other Stuff

And to end this week, I kinda stumbled across this video 👇, and to be perfectly honest I have no idea what I just watched!

It's about dating Marvel superheroes... sorta!

It's entitled 'The Official Marvel Dating App' - so if that doesn't get you clicking, I don't know what will!

Are you an Arrowverse fan?
What superhero (or villain!) would you date?
Talk to me! 😉💬

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'Nobody knows what lies ahead' is from Be Still* by The Killers

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Last updated: 26th Dec 2019


  1. I would love to date (Tom Holland’s) Peter Parker. The haters will hate, but his Peter is exactly my type and I love his awkwardness and adorableness.

    1. So long as he's at an 18+ point in his timeline, I can totally get behind that! :)

  2. I would date no superheroes or supervillains because that seems like asking for trouble, BUT if I were going to date one, maybe Sam Wilson. He seems chill. Plus we could bond over our shared love of social work.

    1. This is true. Superheroes' dating lives rarely go to plan! Sam seems cool - I think I'd want him as a friend for sure! :)


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