Sunday 20 October 2019

Nerd Church - Have A Little Consideration! (...And Treat Your Neighbours Right)

I think that some people - not everyone, but some people - need to re-evaluate their common decency, and the consideration that they may or may not have for the people around them.

Because sometimes, people do sh** that ain't a lot to them, but is, in fact, a big deal to other people.

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My neighbours have dogs.

They're lovely dogs. Adorable af.

But they like to chase cats. And I have cats.

Again, that would be fine, if my neighbours kept good control of their dogs, and kept them either on their property or on the lead.

They don't.

They keep letting them run wherever they want.

And where they wanna run is around my house and into my garden. 

Where my cats are.

See the problem?

My boy-cat, who actually usually likes dogs, has been terrified to the point of shaking violently when they chased him. That's not OK.

The neighbours didn't use to be quite so irresponsible as pet-owners.

Barring the odd occurrence of letting the dogs out to poop on our lawn, or the odd moment where one of them ran off and ran onto our property, they were fine.

But things have changed in the land of Next Door and due to some serious Drama, the dude who used to make sure the whole family were being responsible with the dogs has moved out.

(Not that I blame him. It was full-blown WW3 over there for a while...)

So, anyway, now it's happening several times a week.

More than once, the lady next door has looked straight at us as the dog runs into our garden, and then she looked away.

And it's really pi**ing me off.

But, it's not like it's the worst thing anyone's ever done.

And I'm used to cr**py neighbours - our house backs on to a street where the people... have more money than sense.

And the people who live in one of the houses behind us think it's OK to drain their dirty hot-tub water into our garden. Ick.

They've also thrown all the trimmed-back branches and leaves from their trees over our fence before now.

Again, it's not like any of this stuff is the worse crime in the history of the world...

...but it's just like... Why?!

Why would you make someone's life more difficult like that, you know?

Have a little consideration!

Have you ever had problem neighbours?
Or do your neighbours complain too much about stuff that you do?
Talk to me! 👍💬

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  1. Yikes! That sounds awful. Luckily my family andI are fortunate to have great neighbors. My sister on the other hand, has had some crappy roommates!

    1. My brother's had some issues with flat/house-mates too (and that's not including his ex-wife...) I just don't understand it when people are wilfully ignorant! *sighs*

  2. Ah that sounds so frustrating! I know that would be difficult but hopefully they will become more reponsible pet owners once again soon :( I have flatmates seeing as I live in student halls and everyone is very considerate of noise level after 11pm and that makes my heart happy. And we are all amiable and get along pretty well.

    1. The dogs are there less often atm, b/c the people have been away a lot, but... yeah. Still not great!

      Good to hear that your flatmates are considerate! <3


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