Thursday 14 November 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - There's A Moment In Time, And It's Stuck In My Mind

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It's Thursday, I love superheroes and comics, and I hope you do too! (Cos I've got an awesome comics wrap-up for ya!) 😆

Graphic Novels

This week I bought The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion (Volume 3) with a voucher my brother got me for my birthday (which was in September, but I like to shop smart - I don't buy books without thinking through what I can get for my money!)

...Since I also watch the Netflix series with my brother's spare device allowance, he's unknowingly bringing a lot of TUA into my life! 😅

I knew there must be some reason we keep him around! (If you've never had a brother-sister relationship, that probably sounds harsh, but honestly it's just the way brothers and sisters are!)

Klaus (in a dumpster, with Ben sat by his side): Mi hermano
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In preparation of the tasty precious that is Hotel Oblivion, I've been re-reading Volume 1: Apocalypse Suite.

...And I can't get over how same-but-different it is to the TV series!

For a start, the bare-bones of the characters are there, but there's less character development.

Apocalypse Suite is more like an introduction to these people (Yes, our introduction is the apocalypse!)

A lot of the character-development stuff I remember from the comics is actually from Volume 2: Dallas (which is next on my list to read.)

But Apocolypse Suite is still TOTALLY AWESOME! 

(...I've loved Umbrella Academy since I was a teenager with a Gerard Way obssession, can you tell...?! 😅)

Oh, and a warning - there's something about seeing the violence and gore in bright-red comic-book form that somehow makes it more disturbing...? 💁

Also, as always, there's a bunch of other difficult topics thrown in, especially surrounding family issues, child abuse, and bereavement, so be careful dearest nerdlets!

Other Stuff

Speaking of The Umbrella Academy - last week's Friday Fics Fix was once again about my Queer Queen Klaus Hargreeves, so TUA fans should check that out!
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And as another shameless plug, you can catch up on my comics posts (and any other posts!) with my Month in Review(s) - October 2019 post.
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Are you annoyed that there are, like, a bajillion TV streaming services, and you soooo can't afford all of them? (Hi!)

Well, then, you're gonna love the How It Should Have Ended 'Super Cafe' parody, 'Duh Plus' - where basically Batman and Superman argue about streaming services. (It's great! 😅)

Warning: v. mild flashing images

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And to end this week, take a look at Jessica Plummer's exploration of 'the paradox of Harley Quinn'

Warning: the link contains discussion of abuse, inc. domestic abuse, and mental health stigma

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn sipping tea & reading in her prison cell
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Full disclosure here, dearest nerdlets: 

The linked post discusses and criticises the DC title 'Harleen' which is a Stjepan Sejic title.

I haven't read this book (although... I am intrigued - those covers are amazing, and you can't deny it,) but I'm a massive fan of Stjepan and his wife, Linda.

I also count Linda as an internet-friend (which might be presumptuous of me, but she's a Twitter mutual and we chat sometimes and support each other, so we're at least acquaintances!)

What's your view on the number of streaming services out there?
Are you gonna get Disney+?
Do you think DC needs to be more consistent with how it characterises/markets Harley Quinn?
Talk to me! 😀💬

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'There's a moment in time, and it's stuck in my mind' is from Kristy, Are You Doing OK? by The Offspring

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  2. I was just talking with my cousin, and we both agreed that we would watch so many of the shows and movies on Disney plus. I would get a lot of use out of it, because some of my most beloved childhood shows and movies are on there! But, I don’t think I could afford it. Maybe I’ll hop on the free trial and enjoy it for a week lol!

    1. Ha, so long as you make that free trial week *count*! ;)


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