Friday 8 November 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Haunted

'Diego was still screaming but his voice was drowned and consumed, overtaken by the dead that hung around him, but Ben was screaming too...'

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It's Umbrella Academy time!

...I think a lot of you will have guessed that I couldn't resist an Umbrella Academy fanfiction post for much longer (especially since I read a butt-tonne of Umbrella Academy fanfiction!)

Word of caution though: this one deals with some heavy sh**.

WARNINGS for this one:

- suicide/attempted suicide (SERIOUS warning)
- a person urging/trying to drive someone else to commit suicide
- substance abuse
- domestic violence (SERIOUS warning)
- details of graphic injuries
- family issues (b/c Umbrella Academy)

Diego Hargreeves: Damn. said it Diego!

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This one is centred, first and foremost, on attempted suicide - with a sci-fi/fantasy/horror twist of being ghost-related

(...yes, we're talking my Queer Queen Klaus Hargreeves.)

I think it's well done, personally, but... it's such a difficult subject that many people may disagree with me.

Even more people are likely to find it a difficult read.

So, as always SAFETY FIRST dearest nerdlets - be careful! *hugs*

I don't know how fully to explain this fic, other than 'interesting.'

...which may or may not do it justice 😅

It takes ideas and plays with them (something I always love!) and takes us into the realms of 'what if?' by departing from canon.

(Fangirling notes: canon = the established and/or official stuff in a series/book/film/whatever)

It does have a few grammar/spelling mistakes - this is fanfiction, after all - a few of which I'm putting down to autocorrect.

(Cos writing 'shoulder' instead of 'should' just feels like something autocorrect would do! 😅)

Overall, I've def. read things with more mistakes, but I know some people get super-bugged by things like that!

This week's fic then, is:

The Dead Haunt Me Anyway by AliNear

Do you think fanfiction should attempt to tackle difficult themes?
Do you get autocorrect issues? 😉
Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I totally understand auto correct issues, because they happen to me all the damn time! I just handed in an assignment for school and still saw some spelling issues even though I had proof read. UGH.

    1. Argh! That's so annoying! I try to turn autocorrect off on things cos me & autocorrect do *not* get along! XD


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