Friday 6 September 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Something Followed

'He can feel something else coming through, something uninvited.'

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I love horror.

...You may or may not have noticed.

Generally speaking, the less-realistic and more fake-looking the horror is, the more I'm freaked out.

There are some notable exceptions (Pet Sematary *shudders*) but overall, the more realistic and convincing the horror is, the more I'm like: meh, it's a ghost.

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Anyhow, I also love ghost stories. And superheroes.

(...regular readers of this blog my now have an idea of where I'm going with this 😅)

So, my beautiful Queer Queen Klaus Hargreeves from the Umbrella Academy - whose power is the ability to see ghosts - was practically written for me!

Klaus Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy
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And he provides excellent fodder for horror genre fanfics 😈

This is a (in places slightly spoiler-y,) fic where Klaus is attempting to make a ghost corporeal - as in, so that other people can see and touch them - only it's not the only thing he ends up bringing through.

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Think The Exorcist meets Del Toro's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, add a dash of general Umbrella Academy-ery, and that's kind of what this fic is like.

...I've started doing weird comparisons like this more and more - are they actually of any use, and/or make any sense, to anyone? Or am I just confusing and misleading people?

Answers in the comments please! (Lol, I feel like a real bloggy person now! Only took nearly 5 years 😅)

Diego Hargreeves: 'Unbelievable'
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Just as a warning - obviously if you're not into horror, this is not the fic for you. 

There's also some gross/body horror here. So warning for that too!

Also if you have issues with demons/malevolent entities... you get the picture.

This week's horror fic, then, is:

hell is empty by UnrememberedSkies

Are you a horror fan? 
Do you read fanfiction from lots of different genres?
Are my comparisons weird/useful/both? (Lol.)
Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I used to avoid horror at all costs. But after taking a horror literature in high school, I have slowly started to expose myself to the genre! This year I am taking a gothic horror course and looking forward to it! I’m into the literature aspect of horror, but I still usually avoid the films at all costs lol.

    1. Ooh I love the gothicky side of horror! XD Crimson Peak is good gothic-horror wise if you ever feel like taking the leap into films! <3


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