Sunday 15 December 2019

Nerd Church - Hope, Politics, and the Zombie Apocalypse

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Something important happened on Thursday, dearest nerdlets!

What..? The UK election..?

Yeah, that happened too.

We now know which brand of f**ked we, as a country, are stuck with *sighs*

What I'm talking about, though, is yours truly watching a truly bizarre, but amazing, film, called Anna and the Apocalypse.

'Hope, Politics, and the Zombie Apocalypse' with a sprig of holly on the left-hand side, and the silhouettes of 3 zombies on the right-hand side. The first zombie has a santa hat, and a wreath around his neck. The second zombie has a reindeer antler headband. The final zombie has a gift tag and a bow. (...And I clearly got carried away making this graphic!)

Have you ever thought, 'wouldn't High School Muscial be better if it was combined with Shaun of the Dead... and it was in Scotland... at Christmas...?'

No? Well apparently someone did!

No, really. That is what this film is.

Anna dancing down a street
Via Giphy

But for all the randomness and tinsel-covered zombie-killing gore, it also had some points to make.

(There's a lot of violence and gore though - heads up!)

Sure, you can take it at face value if you want - and you'd probably have a butt-tonne of fun doing so - but you can also dig a little deeper - 

(...I'm now mentally singing that song from Princess and the Frog, and I hope you are too!)

- and find that it delves into our complex relationships with technology, commercialism, mass media, education, class war, toxic masculinity, hope, and loads more!

You gotta love a film with depth and nuance - and this, more than surprisingly, is just that.

Anna and Jon staring up at a burning Christmas tree
Via Giphy

Most importantly, this film clings onto hope with both of its blood-covered hands and REFUSES to let go!

(And you know, dearest nerdlets, that I love me some stubborn hope!)

When things look bleak (and I mean bleak,) there is still hope.

Even at the end of the world, surrounded by undead monsters who wear the faces of your former friends and neghbours, and whose sole goal in life is to feast on your warm, living, flesh, there is still hope!

We can do that, can't we?

We can hope even in the darkest of times. Even when people seem to be following an urge to lead the country to destruction.

While we're still breathing, we can still keep fighting for what's right - like Anna (and like the awesome kick-a** Queer-chick character, Steph.)

So it might seem that there's no future - but where there's life, there's hope.

If - and of course, I'm talking hypothetically here 😉 - the results of an election, for example, favour an unstable and impoverishing future outside the EU... there is still hope.

Because we're still here, dearest nerdlets.

Nothing's easy.

Change, postivity - hell, even survival! These are difficult things.

But hope? Hope is still there.

...Even when you're surrounded by the undead, who want to eat you.

Have you seen Anna and the Apocalypse? If not, have I intrigued you? 😉
What did you think of the UK election results?
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  1. This seems like a great movie! I love apocalypse films that have deeper meanings than just blood and gore. I think that’s why I really have an appreciation for the hunger games series.

    1. This I expected to be utter trash and I was just like... 'hang on, is this low-key deep?' Lol! (There's still a bunch of blood & gore though!)

  2. I watched this movie on a flight in November. Thought it was pretty interesting!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. OMG someone else has seen this film! Lol :)

      I love it - it's so random but actually really clever too!


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