Thursday 9 January 2020

Comics Wrap-Up - Do the People Whisper 'Bout You On the Train Like Me?

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'Comics Wrap-Up' on lined paper with heart emojis in speech bubbles

New Year means a new graphic for Comics Wrap-Up!

What do you think - honestly? Is it ok?

Regardless, it's Thursday, dearest nerdlets. And Thursday means comics-y goodness!

Film Trailers

There's a Black Widow trailer!

Now, I know that Scarlett Johansson is... well, she's said some mucho-problematic things.*

*Link CW: references to sexual assault and abuse, and ScarJo's tone-deaf comments on Woody Allen, as well as racial and Transgender issues

But Natasha Romanoff?

 ...OK, she's done some problematic things too. Most of them involving murder. But she still rocks! 

(...She has the benefit of being fictional! Lol.)

So, yes, I'm looking forward to this film. So much! Plus, turns out Natasha's the normal one in her family. Go figure!

(Warning: flashing images, violence)

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DC brought us a trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 - which looks like it could be OK

(Warning: flashing images, violence)

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And we have a new New Mutants trailer!!!!!

This is the X-Men horror story we've all been waiting for (like, seriously, waiting for - this thing has had some serious release issues!)

(Warning: flashing images, horror imagery (everywhere!), violence, forced hospitalisation/institutionalisation) 

Graphic Novels & Single Issues

- I read a butt-tonne of graphic novels and single comics issues over December, so I'll just give you lovely folks the highlights 😉 dividing line 
The Trial of Captain America covers part of Bucky Barnes' stint in the Cap suit.

'The Trial of Captain America' book cover with Bucky as Cap in handcuffs, flanked by police officers and press

Basically, he ends up on trial due for his... shenanigans... as The Winter Soldier (all the assassinations and stuff... people can be so touchy about that! Lol.)

What I love most about this book is the AMAZING art - don't get me wrong, the story's great, the characterisation's great, the balance of action and emotion is great... but the art is something else! Wow!dividing line

Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Vol 1 is a graphic novel that collects the first four parts of Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther series.

Black Panther book cover with T'Challa standing in full Black Panther costume against a cityscape

It's really well-written, and allows a depth and exploration of politics and monarchy that many comics' writers would shy away from. The art and composition is clever af.

What I will say, though, is that I found it tricky to pick-up with limited Black Panther knowledge – and I had very basic Black Panther knowledge, and am used to picking things up out of order and just figuring it out.

But I struggled here to figure out what was going on, especially for the first issue or so. So, if you're someone that finds it difficult to pick things up part-way, maybe this isn't the one to jump in on.

Other Stuff

Joaquin Phoenix won a Golden Globe for best actor in a drama for JOKER... somehow.

Don't get me wrong he's not bad in it. 

...But I didn't think he was that good either.

Again, what do I know? I liked Jared Leto as the Joker, and I seem to be in a minority of one here!

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Anniek at Anniek's Library wrote an awesome-sauce LGBTQ+ graphic novels list that you can check out!
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And to end this week, I'd like to take you to alllllll the way back in November, when my last Friday Fics Fix post before it also went on break involved an angsty tale of Bucky Barnes. 😊

What do you think of the new graphic?
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  1. I definitely didn’t agree with Phoenix getting the golden globe. I just find him to be incredibly rude and pretentious.


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