Friday 10 January 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Harry Potter Fics With Transgender Main Characters

(Warning: this post discusses Transphobia throughout, as well as referencing an abusive ex-rock-star)

Oh God, J K Rowling. *sighs*

I know a lot of people gave up on her before now, but the latest transphobia from Ms Rowling seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back* for most people.

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*Do people use that phrase outside the UK? I don't know. 

...I feel like it can't have originated here, cos we don't have camels... weird.

If you have no idea what I meant, then please just rest assured that no camels were hurt in the making of this blogpost!

There's no denying, though, that Harry Potter is a cultural phenomenon, and one that many, many, many of us grew up with.

And that leaves a lot of people who support our Transgender siblings in something of a quandry.

What should we do, now? 

Is it impossible for us to enjoy Harry Potter now? Should we stop going to Fantastic Beasts films? Should we boycott Ms Rowling entirely?

I don't have the answers, sorry dearest nerdlets. 

This is something between you and your conscience, and how and where the line should be drawn is a tricksy thing for many of us - me included.

I love Harry Potter. I also loves the Cormoran Strike TV series, (probably because Holliday Grainger, not gonna lie,) but I'm aware of the problematic and transphobic aspects that're in those books, too.

From what I've seen, fandom is just as conflicted as I am.

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Some people say we should seperate the art from the artist - a technique whereby you get to enjoy the thing while at the same time realising that the actions of its creator can be... well, a dumpster fire.

Others say that we should avoid anything that actively supports - i.e. puts money in the pockets of - Ms Rowling, including all future books and films.

Some people feel that Ms Rowling's tainted a beloved part of their childhood, and want no more to do with anything Harry Potter - and I get that.

There was a Welsh rock band - very local to me, in fact - that we all loved growing up, whose lead singer turned out to be a monster.

- The type of monster you put in prison for a very, very, long time.

I don't wanna go into details, those who know will know.

The point is this: I can't listen to their music any more. 

I used to love them. I went to one of their concerts. But now hearing their songs makes me feel nauseous and... just awful.

So I get it, if this is one betrayal too many of all the things you thought this person stood for. Sometimes things hurt, ok? Take care of yourselves.

For those of us who don't know what to do about J. K. Rowling, there is one thing we can be certain of: we need to support and amplify Trans+ and NB+ voices.

For a start, you can try checking out this amazing video from YouTuber Jammidodger, a British Trans Man, explaining the whole J. K. Rowling situation for those who aren't aware of the full detail, and what the problems are: should check out some of his other videos too, they're great.

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Harry Potter, though, is bigger than J.K. Rowling. So much bigger.

It doesn't belong to her anymore, ok?

Harry Potter is, it's safe to say, the biggest fandom on the internet.

At the time of writing this post, Archive of Our Own (one of the biggest fanfiction sites) had over 224 thousand pieces of Harry Potter fanfiction.

That's just one site.

It doesn't belong to her anymore.

And fandom?

Fandom is Queer af.

And the majority of fandom has our Trans siblings' backs.

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So, because Transgender folks are welcome at Hogwarts, with or without Ms Rowling's permission, I present this modest list of HP fics with Trans main characters:

'The confusion crashed down, raining on everything and simultaneously setting everything on fire.
Except Luna.'

Except Luna by sunflow_rs is an #OwnVoices fic where Ginny is questioning their gender identity, and considering the possibility that they may be Non-Binary.

Warnings: gender dysphoria, references to Transphobia

'Just as if she couldn’t contain herself, Hermione continued “Did you know that Hogwarts has been trans-friendly since it was founded?...'"

A day in the life by Anita7 is a fic where Hermione is a happy and accepted Transgender girl.

'When they talk about queer witches and wizards in class, it's without much note toward their identity. They just are.'

of all the things that help by luckybarton is a fic about Harry as a Trans boy who is able to finally be himself thanks to Hogwarts and the Weasleys.

Warning: Transphobia, child abuse/neglect

Update, 13th August 2020: Given that JKR has gone full TERF in the months since this post, I thought I'd list a few ways you can support Trans people:

Mermaids is a UK gender charity which supports Trans+ kids - they've also suffered a lot of hate since JKR turned full TERF.

Stonewall are pushing for Trans rights with their Come Out For Trans Equality campaign.

The TGI Justice Project supports Trans+ and Intersex people in jail in California, many of whom are People of Colour.

Do you know of any other Harry Potter fics with Transgender main characters?
What's your view on the J. K. Rowling situation?
Talk to me! 💙💗💙💬 
(Please keep it civil, any Transphobic comments will be removed)

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Support our Trans siblings! 💖

Last updated: 13th August 2020


  1. I like to separate art from artist... to an extent. For example, I will still watch and read Harry Potter, as in a lot of ways I don’t think think this series even is Rowling’s anymore. It has become the fan’s property. However, if someone committed a crime, (like I’m assuming that singer did), then I would be very disturbed engaging in that person’s craft. In Rowling’s case, I think it is fine to engage with her works, because we can only improve them and make them better! (As fanfiction does)

    1. Totally - HP is too big to just belong to Rowling.

      And yeah, the singer committed the sort of crime that gets you separated from the rest of the prison population for your own safety. And since it was *his* voice on all of their songs... ugh! I just CAN'T any more, y'know?

      But I also get why people would want to avoid the Art of other creators, who've done less severe things and aren't serving a life sentence. Sometimes the hurt and betrayal you feel just means everything they've created feels tainted.

      Fanfiction is the life-beyond-the-books, and it's amazingly beautiful! <3


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