Thursday 13 February 2020

Comics Wrap-Up - While The Angels Sleep All of the Devils Are Awake

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It's Thursday! I hope you're looking forward to some comics-y goodness my nerdlets!

Other Stuff

Joaquin Phoenix won the Best Actor Oscar for JOKER and... *shrugs* - the world is a weird place, dearest nerdlets.

Once again, it's not that he was bad - cos he wasn't bad. It's just that... it wasn't Oscar-worthy either, y'know?

(You know I will always say the thing! 😅)

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I love this trailer for Stjepan Sejic's Harleen comics series! It's so cool!

(Full disclosure: I'm a fan of Stjepan and his wife Linda, and am mutuals with Linda on Twitter (she's hilarious!))

Warning: flashing images, blood, problematic af abusive relationship dynamics and attitudes to mental health care

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And to end this week, be sure to check out last week's Friday Fics Fix; it once again features a fic about my Queer Queen, Klaus Hargreeves, from The Umbrella Academy!

Did Joaquin Phoenix deserve the Oscar?
What did you think of JOKER? Or have you not bothered to watch it?
Talk to me! 😀💬

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'While the angels sleep all of the devils are awake' is from Saint Veronika by Billy Talent


  1. I do not think that Phoenix deserves the Oscar. I haven’t seen the movie, but tbh the best performances I saw were from actors that weren’t even nominated. And idk, I find him very patronizing and lowkey rude.


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