Thursday 6 February 2020

Comics Wrap-Up - Will You Meet 'Em When The End Comes Reeling?

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It's Thursday, I have my emo/metal playlist on, so you know I mean business - let's get some comics-y goodness!

TV Trailers

Disney+ released a trailer for the first of their Marvel series in the Superbowl American football doodah.

...And I won't be able to afford this, which is so goddamn irritating. Because a whole series of Tom Hiddleston as Loki, y'know?

But seriously Disney, stop trying to make WandVision happen. NO ONE CARES. *sighs*

Warning: flashing images

Film Trailers

Also during the American football doodah, Marvel released another trailer for Black Widow!

And yeah, I know, ScarJo = problematic, but I love Natasha.

Warning: flashing images

Other Stuff

The awesome YouTube channel is 'Editing Is Everything' made a Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer that re-frames the film as a Love, Simon-esque M/M rom-com!

Warning: mild flashing images

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Over @ Book Riot, Vernieda Vergara takes a look at the manga to look out for in 2020!
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The BAFTAs saw a win for Joaquin Phoenix for JOKER, and a plea by him to diversify the industry and awards systems.

...which is good. But needs to be followed up by action. 👍
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And to finish this week, some shameless self-promo: you can catch up with all my comics-related posts with my January 2020 wrap-up post!

What do you think about Joaquin Phoenix's speech?
Did you like the Spider-Man vid?
Do you somehow give a damn about WandaVision?
Talk to me! 💖💬

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'Will you meet 'em when the end comes reeling?' is from Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical Romance


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't a fan of Wanda x Vision. It almost seems like a joke after Age of Ultron. I remember when people were making fun of Natasha x Bruce coming out of nowhere then Vision saved Wanda and people said, "Now Wanda and Vision are a thing because they shared a look," and then it happened! Out of the three new shows, this one is the lowest on my list.

    1. Ugh, do not get me started! Like, Disney, NO-ONE CARES! If they had even the slightest bit of chemistry, then ok, but you're gonna cheat Bucky of his happy ending with Steve and still push W x V? Really?! *sighs*

  2. I appreciated Joaquin Phoenix’s speech, despite not being a personal fan of him in general. He gives zero shits about calling people our, no matter how powerful they are, and I can appreciate that.

    1. I'm always up for a little speaking truth to power ;)


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