Thursday 23 January 2020

Comics Wrap-Up - Picture, Picture, Smile For the Picture

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Here we go again! It's Thursday, so let's get some comics-y goodness dearest nerdlets!

This week is all stuff in the 'other stuff' category - for which we will, as always, blame the trickster god. (Dammit Loki!)

Other Stuff

The folks at Screen Junkies made an Honest Trailers about JOKER and... I'm crying... this is amazing! 😂

(Warning: flashing images, serious amounts of truthful snark, mental health stigma, violence, semi-nudity, self-harm, SPOILERS -- SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!)

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And to end this week, (I know, I know, this post is short'n'sweet, but I have to keep ya coming back for more! 😅) you should check out the first of Greg @ Book Haven's posts about the comics series Girls.

Honestly, they're hilarious!

Watch out though: the images from the comics feature nudity, and there's some pretty messed-up stuff going on in the plot of this series re: drunk and/or dubious consent for sex.

Did you watch the Honest Trailer for JOKER?
Are you a fan of Honest Trailers? 
Or should the public/YouTube channels not be nit-picking films for laughs?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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'Picture, picture, smile for the picture' is from Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez


  1. Nothing wrong with a little nit-picking! Especially with a movie as serious as the Joker, it’s nice to see someone lighten it up a bit!

  2. That trailer cracked me up! And thanks for the shout out! And yes Girls is seriously messed up lol- it's like one of those train wreck reads. :)

    1. Ha, I love Honest Trailers! And I love that a film is never too big for HT to take them down a peg!

      No problem - thanks for making me smile with your posts! XD Ha, I feel ya - sometimes you just can't look away!


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