Thursday 26 March 2020

Comics Wrap-Up - Take A Breath and Let the Rest Come Easy

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It's Thursday, we could all do with some heroes, so let's get some comics-y goodness!


Your girl has Disney+!

Which means I have all the superhero films and cartoons to ease my Anxiety - as well as the general Disneyish goodness!

Thor squeeing: Yeeesss!
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I finally got around to watching Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Tbh, there are so many Marvel movies, that I'm surprised it's only a handful that I need to catch up on!

I actually had the DVD of this, which The Bestie bought me ages ago, so I decided to put it on before bed a few nights ago while I cuddled my she-cat and did some knitting.

...That makes me sound 100 years old. Which I'm OK with. 😅

Anywho, here's a brief and random summary of my Age of Ultron thoughts:

  • Yay, more Hawkeye! Still not enough, but when you're a Hawkeye fan, you take what you can get

  • They need to make Clint deaf, like he is in the comics.

  • This version of Pietro & Wanda... meh. I prefer the X-men versions. Where they get to be mutants, and also Magneto's children (comics be weird sometimes.)

  • Really under-utilising Pietro here

  • This guy's OK, but I'm going with Evan Peters as my fave Pietro

Evan Peters' Quicksilver moving the trajectory of a bullet as he moves so fast everyone else seems to be standing still
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  • Plus the cinematography and slow-mo sequences in the X-men movies are iconic

  • 'She's weird' is both an extremely accurate and an extremely inaccurate description of Wanda's powers (if only the comics had any f**king clue what they were doing with her...)

  • Is this their basis for the WandaVision nonsense? WTF Marvel? I know it's comics canon - but you suck at chemistry.

  • How hard is it to not create a killer robot?! I mean really. *face palms*

Other Stuff

Since I finally watched Age of Ultron, I also finally watched the Age of Ultron Pitch Meeting from Screen Rant.

As always, it's both hilarious, and a pointer-out of plotholes. 😉😎

Warning: flashing images, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!!!, violence, adult references

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Marvel have some new characters which... I have concerns.

I mean, they've only released the promo stuff, so it's possible that the way these characters are written will be surprisingly nuanced and clever, and will somehow completely justify naming a Black Non-Binary character Snowflake...

But... well, there are definite issues to that whole set-up. Am I right?

It feels like Snowflake and their brother Subspace are an attempt to pander and condescend to diversity - in a way that's actually fairly contemptuous and a mockery of the ideals and equality they purportedly stand for.

(...when I'm tired it sounds like I swallowed a dictionary. #Sorry!)

Comics Drake explains it all far better than I could:

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Neko Neha over @ Biblio Nyan gave us their thoughts on the first two 'The Walking Dead' graphic novels.

Warning: this link references the Coronavirus/Covid 19, and discusses racism/anti-Black sentiment

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Kristen Brand gave us her list of 9 Superheroines who don't have (or need) super-powers

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And to end this week, you can check out last week's Friday Fics Fix for an awesome Stucky (Steve/Bucky) fic rec!

Because the world is just that little bit better when Captain America has a boyfriend!

Thoughts on Age of Ultron? Which Pietro is your Pietro?
What do you think of the issues around the new Marvel characters?
What Marvel movies have you not yet seen?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I am surprised that I still haven’t taken advantage of all the marvel movies on Disney + I have a lot to catch up on, and so much time to do it!


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