Thursday 5 March 2020

Comics Wrap-Up - Take Any Moment, Any Time

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It's Thursday, the world is a very strange place, let's get some comics-y goodness!

Film Trailers

A new little trailer for New Mutants!

Maybe this problem-bogged Cinderella of a film will go to the ball! (...not sure where that analogy came from, but I'ma roll with it! 😅)

(Warning: flashing images, horror imagery)

[video no longer available]


I'm thinking I'm gonna end up getting Disney+ when it launches here in the UK at the end of the month. (Although, I've changed my mind about this like, 10 times today! ...I have a tendency to freak out about money 😅)

I've been working out the money and... I think I can do it! I've recently dropped one of my expenses, so I think I can pick up a Disney+ subscription with no knock-on on my bank balance.

I might be able to watch Loki and my Bucky Bear after all! 😊

Loki (Tom Hiddleston): This pleases me
Via Giphy

Don't feel bad if you can't afford/can't justify the expense of Disney+ though dearest nerdlets, honestly - FOMO can f**k the hell off. 

There is too much content out there, and we'll never watch all of it.

I was looking at my YouTube page the other day, and thinking that I could watch only YT for the rest of my life, and still not run out of stuff to watch. FOMO just ain't worth it.

Other Stuff

And to end this week, here's a review of manga The Poe Clan Vol 1, from Kayleigh Hearn at Women Write About Comics.

Are you looking forward to New Mutants?
Has Disney+ already launched where you are? Any good?
Talk to me! 💖💬

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'Take any moment, any time' is from Casual Affair by Panic! At the Disco


  1. I can’t believe Disney + hasn’t even launched in the UK yet! C’mon Disney.... that being said, I would highly recommend. I have never had a streaming service before, (besides mooching off of a relative’s netflix from time to time lol), but I love having one to myself. It gives me a chance to catch up on all of the Marvel movies I have missed haha!

    1. It hasn't launched in any European country yet - this is why I get so annoyed when people in the US (in particular) think that we're all caught up on everything they've seen. Sometimes we get stuff *months* after their release elsewhere, if it all, and it's worse in other parts of Europe than it is here, tbh.

      Glad that you've been enjoying it! I'm *probably* going to get it... it takes a lot for me to buy things for myself so I'm probably going to overthink this to death in the next week or two! <3


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