Friday 10 April 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Three Hearts

'“Hey, He-Who-Lurks-Creepily-in-Corners,” Tony said. “You want a smoothie? You need to replace all the stuff you lost earlier.”'

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Amongst the shippers of the MCU, there are many ships on which to sail.

(Yes, I'm talking Avengers again - I know, I've kind of been alternating between Avengers and Umbrella Academy lately, but they're the fics I've found that are worth recc'ing *shrugs* what's a nerdgirl to do?)

Obviously there's Stucky (aka the greatest love story Marvel/Disney ever denied,) and Stony (also a valid ship,) and many others.

There are even some fics which convincingly pair The Winter Soldier with Iron Man (and the people who write them are clearly dark wizards.)

(Fangirling notes:

Shippers are people who support a specific ship.

Ships are relation-ships, romantic and/or sexual, between characters.

MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stucky = Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Stony = Steve Rogers/Tony Stark)

This week's fic manages to take Stucky and Stony, and add a little Bucky/Tony for luck, by putting all three gorgeous men in one polyamorous relationship.

(Fandom be Queer af, in case you hadn't noticed! 😅)

Tony Stark (RDJ) inside the Iron Man suit: Guys, I'm bringing the party to you
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And you have to be in awe of anyone who can incorporate these three strong and entirely different personalities into one believable relationship.

This fic somehow manages it. (Dark wizardry and some kind of occult ritual #JustSaying.)

Maybe because the focus isn't 'how these three fell in love/into bed' - they're already in an established relationship here.

But neither is everything sunshine and rainbows - they struggle. 

They really struggle. Not least because it's not like they live normal lives.

But it's not the kind of struggling where you think either these people need to split up immediately, or they just need to talk to each other because these are simple misunderstandings.

These are not simple misunderstandings. 

This is 'our boyfriend almost died and now one of us is having a PTSD episode while the other tries to deal and that's hard and we all understand that.'

(Fanfiction be deep af too.)

With that in mind, please be aware of the following: head injuries, PTSD, past trauma, relationship issues related to mental health problems.

This week's fic, is:

Running Silent by sahiya

Do you have any polyamorous romance recs?
Or any recs for other fandoms? 😅
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