Thursday 14 May 2020

Comics Wrap-Up - Such A Surreal Place To See

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It's Thursday, the world is all kinds of messed up, we def. need another portion of superhero and comics-y goodness!

TV Trailers

I watched the trailer for the very last series of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD!

I have a couplea thoughts:

1. Clearly they give zero f**ks about the MCU's version of time travel creating alternate universes - we're just gonna ignore that here
2. WHERE IS FITZ?! Seriously, where is my precious boy?!

(Warning: mild SPOILERS for previous series, flashing images, violence, horror-type imagery)

Other Stuff

King Shark and Constantine...

OK, hang on and rewind, cos this one'll need some context:

  • John Constantine is a canon ('official') Bisexual DC character - he's not a superhero so much as a superhero adjacent warlock, exorcist, and occultist, but he hangs out with superheroes a lot

  • King Shark is a giant shark-man that exists because... *sighs* DC man, DC. Smh.

  • John Constantine is a live-action TV character, a part of the Arrowverse, played by Matt Ryan (who's Welsh. #JustSaying)

  • Constantine is also an animated TV character, and lately the animated version has also been voiced by Matt Ryan

*non-committal shrug*
Via Giphy

So, that's your context. And now to my point:

It turns out that animated-Constantine and King Shark had a... previous romantic relationship. That was confirmed in a recent animated film (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.)

And then the writer confirmed some sexy-times details that honestly, I'm not sure we needed to know - not because I'm a prude but because oMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE GIVING THE INTERNET THIS AMMO?!

Monster Twitter (monster... fornicating... Twitter, to be both exact and polite,) has already lost their collective sh** - and I can sense the NSFW fanart and fanfiction being created right now.

You know what the Internet can do without the explicit details is bad enough, right? I don't think DC fully understand what's been unleashed. I really don't. (Lol.)
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Susan @ The Lesbrary reviewed F/F graphic novel Bingo Love, (which seems thankfully devoid of giant mutant sharks.)
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And to end with some shameless self-promo, you can catch up on all of April's comics and superhero-related posts (as well as all my other posts) with my April wrap-up post!

Do you know where Fitz is in SHIELD?!?!
Constantine and King Shark... uh... thoughts?! (Lol.)
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