Wednesday 13 May 2020

Month In Review(s) - April 2020

(Warning: this post discusses Covid 19/Coronavirus, and Anxiety)

April 2020.

Um... yeah... 

(I know it's the 13th of May - I'm disorganised, and you all know this.)

'April - Ebrill' with girl in a coat holding an umbrella, and an artsy swirl around it

OK, plus side: I had fewer panic attacks this month!

I mean, I still had panic attacks, and a butt-tonne of Anxiety, but I had slightly less of it! Woo!

(Small victories, dearest nerdlets, small victories.)

My nan's nursing home is still Covid-free!

(And let's keep it that way. #StayHomeSaveLives.)

And my knitting club has started video-meetings, so I took the plunge and joined in with that!

(Social stuff = Anxious af, so I'm proud of myself for that!)

(Also, I'm aware that the fact that I'm in a knitting club makes it sound like I'm 142 years old. And I'm OK with that - so long as no-one assumes I'm a hipster, it's all good!

 - And for the record, it's a knitting club run by The Bestie and we have rules about backing up each other's evil plans.)

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So that was April, how was yours?
Talk to me!

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  1. You celebrate those victories, Cee! You continue to kick depression and anxiety’s ass! You rock!!

    I also didn’t know you knitted as well! I promise it doesn’t make you sound 142 years old. It’s a very fun activity :D

    1. Thanks Em :) you're sweet as always <3

      Yep, I knit! I'm actually v. good at knitting (if I do say so myself - lol!)

  2. My Jazzercise classes started going live April 1 and I've been tuning in daily to get my exercise in plus see my favorite instructors anyway, so I'm pleased you are also joining in with your knitting. Legendary is a book I plan to read this summer. I have been thinking of you during this pandemic because I know this is such an anxiety filled time. So happy your nan's home is COVID free.

    1. Hope you're having fun with the Jazzercise! Also hope you enjoy Legendary :)

      Oh, that's so sweet! Thank you so much! :) <3


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