Friday 17 July 2020

Friday Fics Fix - A Shot of Venom

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'Venom crashed through the window and leapt out of the building, leaving Dan to wonder how the hell he was going to explain this to maintenance, or to Anne.'

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I love Venom - let's get some Venom!

...I mean the film and/or comic-book character. 

Not, like, poison. Because that would be bad. 

Not, like, hatred, either.

In summary: the Marvel alien symbiote, rather than any other usage of the word venom. 😅

So, if that slight ramble wasn't enough to key you in: this week's fic is about Venom, along with hapless symbiote-host Eddie Brock.

Actually, this week's fic is technically a series rather than a single fic, but it combines into a single story so I've decided to treat it as one fic made up of like... chapters or something. Lol.

This is a pretty standard sort of Venom fic - Eddie gets sick, only nothing's straight-forward because he's the host to an alien being.

Cue calling his ex-girlfriend's current-boyfriend, who is a doctor with an awareness of the... situation.

I really love the way that they handle the character of Dan in the film itself: 

Knowing that Eddie wants to get back with Anne, you'd expect her current boyfriend to either be perfect, but mean to Eddie, or just a general d*ck.

He's neither. He's a normal guy, who genuinely likes Anne, and doesn't let their relationship get in the way of helping out Eddie when it's clear there's something not right going on with him.

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) looking dishevelled and climbing into a lobster tank at a restaurant as Anne (the white Michelle Williams,) tries to stop him
...As in - this is how Dan and Eddie met!

Via Giphy

Dan's a good guy, fair do's. 👍

I love the way this fic handles the dialogue - including the internal dialogue between Eddie and Venom.

It really captures the mood and tone well - and that's some skill, y'know?

Brief content warnings for this fic:

- eating people/pseudo-cannibalism (yes, really... it's Venom)
- illness
- injury
- brief violence (aside from the eating people - separate violence)
- body horror

This week's fic/series/whatever is:

Being Human by missred

Are you a Venom fan?
Do you like it when the 'love rivals' don't act like jerks in films/books/whatever?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I love it when rivals don't act like jerks to each other. I find it refreshing, and I also think it points to a lack of toxic masculinity. Often I think that the mean qualities come from one (or both) of the the men staking claim to the love interest. I think the fact that both of these dudes are able to put the awkwardness aside shows that they both take Anne's feelings into consideration.

    1. Yup! Plus Dan & Anne go full-on 'emergency mode' b/c they're not jerks! Lol. Always refreshing :)

  2. Venom is really interesting!



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